What an Adventure!

I recently returned from visiting my family in South Africa. It was an amazing trip, full of love and laughter, new baby cuddles and little girl giggles. Seeing my daughter mother her four girls and watching my wonderful son-in-law be the daddy that I always dreamed of for my grandchildren was just plain thrilling. For five weeks […]

A High View of Blending Family Life

When there are kids in the home, it’s often critical for you as a couple to take a long-term view of family life. Yes, in the short term, you’ll probably be sacrificing many of your wants and desires—and sometimes even your needs—so you can meet the needs of your children. But it’s important to keep […]

Reality Check

As I look out my window at the terrible Waldo Canyon Wildfire consuming over 18,500 acres to date, turning part our beautiful city to charred ruins, and threatening much of our area, I am amazed at the men and women who are putting their lives on the line day after day to protect our city. […]

Team Mathis

Dale and I love working together through all the aspects of life. We see our commitment to teamwork as a great asset in accomplishing the stuff of daily life. In fact, we’ve found that maintaining an attitude that puts the team—as a couple—ahead of personal desires really helps us to accomplish much more than we […]

At Your Service

Dale and I have enjoyed lots of ministry opportunities together—missions trips, greeting at church, teaching in children’s church, and much more. Getting involved in ministry is a great way for married—or engaged—couples to grow together in your faith. Your church likely has many opportunities to serve both there as well as in your local community. […]