Switching Hats

Since I spent a good deal of my professional career as an editor, switching hats from a writer to editor is as simple for me as standing up, walking away from my computer, getting a snack, and returning as “Editor-in-Chief.” Shazaaam! I know that, once I’m done writing my draft manuscript, there’s a whole lot […]

Turning Scars Into Stars

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says the word vulnerable means that one is “open to attack, harm, or damage; easily hurt or harmed physically, emotionally, or mentally”. But vulnerability also means that one is open and sensitive and transparent. Since I’ve already been through the “hurt” part, my heart’s cry is to let my characters be open […]

Confessions of a Conflict Hater

Okay. Time for true confessions. I hate conflict. I don’t like getting into disagreements with my husband. I don’t like having a spat with a friend. As a parent, I hated the constant conflict resolution that was needed when my two kids didn’t get along. As a teacher, I sure didn’t enjoy being the one […]

“Career Speed Dating”

I’d seen it on TV. Stressful and almost silly as people jumped from potential date to date, wondering if someone would choose them and find a match. And as I watched it, I was so glad that I’m happily married and would never have to do that! But then, there I was at ACFW, and […]