Leaving Home

The more I researched and wrote about young adults of the 19th century, the more I realized how different they were from our young adults today. Yes, they did have similar dreams of marriage, family, success, and the like. But they launched into adulthood very differently. Back then, parents often chose a spouse for their […]

Speak Life

Recently I was listening to the radio and heard a song that brought me up short—“Speak Life” by TobyMac. The song talks about changing people’s lives by the words you say. I know that’s true, of course, and I try to speak—and write—life into people’s lives whenever I can. But the words of this song […]

Why Life, Love, and Legacy?

As many of you have noticed, and commented, I’ve revised my blog to talk about topics around life, love, and leaving a legacy. But why have I made this change? Because all three matter to me. Life? Yes, that’s a broad category, but for me, life is about spiritual things—growing closer to God, touching others’ […]