A Servant’s Heart

The presence of a “servant’s heart” tells you much about your mate. But the lack of it can be a real problem. If he or she is overly self centered, selfish, or inconsiderate of you and others—or if he or she always wants things his or her way, watch out! You may be in over […]

Catch the Vision

How can we nurture the vision to share God’s love—in whatever way He’s called us to? When we’re in relationship with someone, we naturally and effortlessly share about what we love, right? You talk about—or write about—what fills your soul with passion. You might talk about your mate, your kids, or your grandkids. You might […]

Marvelous Mothers

My two favorite mothers are a special part of my life—on either side of me—my 90-year-old mother who has been a gift in my life and my precious daughter who has blessed me with her love, marrying a wonderful man, and giving me two wonderful granddaughters. Both of these fine women have brought me so […]

Enjoying Fun Together

When you’re dating, you naturally find time to have fun as a couple and discover what activities you like doing together. Having fun together is an important part of the emotional and relational bonding that instinctively happens. Then you marry, get busy with life, and all too often you forget to have fun together. And […]