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The Fabric of Hope

An Irish Family Legacy

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An 1850s Irish immigrant and a 21st-century single mother are connected by faith, family, and a quilt. Will they both find hope for the future?

After struggling to accept the changes forced upon her, Margaret Hawkins and her family take a perilous journey on an 1851 immigrant ship to the New World, bringing with her an Irish family quilt she is making. A hundred and sixty years later, her great granddaughter, Maggie, searches for the family quilt after her ex pawns it. But on their way to creating a family legacy, will these women find peace with the past and embrace hope for the future, or will they be imprisoned by fear and faithlessness?

What other authors and readers are saying…

Set in the 1850s and spanning time and place, this intriguing contemporary yet historical novel weaves a tale that immediately pulls readers into the story and engages them with both characters and plot. With a very special quilt being the tie that binds together two women from different centuries, The Fabric of Hope by Susan G. Mathis is a delightful read. —Kathi Macias, best-selling author of more than fifty books

A family legacy is woven together in an inspiring story, like the threads of the quilt that bind the two main characters together. Susan G. Mathis crafts a masterful tale, rich in human struggle and triumph. —Amber Stockton, author of over twenty novels, including A Grand Design.

Travel with Margaret in the 1850s, and Maggie in contemporary times, and receive a sweet reminder that even when we face difficult circumstances, there is always hope in Him. In The Fabric of Hope, Susan Mathis stitches together a encouraging story of women from two generations and the heirloom quilt that ties their lives together. —Michelle Cox, bestselling author of God Glimpses from the Jewelry Box, and God Glimpses from the Toolbox.

The Fabric of Hope weaves a compelling story out of the lives of two women joined by blood, yet living one hundred and fifty years apart. Both face daunting challenges and heart-trembling fears, both cherish the Irish crazy quilt that displays their heritage. Excellent dialogue and meticulously researched historical detail make The Fabric of Hope an enjoyable read. —Award-winning author Linda J. White

Brew yourself a cuppa Irish tea and settle in to read, The Fabric of Hope.  Have you ever questioned God’s plans? Susan G.  Mathis masterfully draws her readers into her two heroines’ lives. Separated by centuries, the women are tied together through a family heritage knit with both struggle and love.  You will be inspired to persevere in your own challenges and reminded that God will work all things to the good for those who love Him.  —Lori Wildenberg, author of Messy Journey: How Grace and Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home. 

Some family stories beg to be told—The Fabric of Hope is one such story in which Susan Mathis creates a compelling and heartwarming tale of faith, hope, and forgiveness, steeped in family history and linked to the present by an heirloom quilt. —Jayme H Mansfield, award-winning author of Chasing the Butterfly

Hope finds the smallest ways to change us. Susan G Mathis stitches an amazing tale of two women finding hope where there seemed to be none. This will touch your life.—Virelle Kidder, a happy wife, nana, and author of six books

The Fabric of Hope is an endearing story where past and present meet in search for an Irish family heirloom. Maggie discovers her quilt is stitched with strong ties that bind family and faith together with certain hope for her future. Highly recommended! —April McGowan, author of Jasmine and Macy

Susan G. Mathis’s The Fabric of Hope, invites us to follow elements of the rich history of her Irish immigrant family and her characters’ connection to the present through a simple handmade “crazy” quilt which transforms over time into a beloved heirloom, emblematic of faith, family and friends, both old and new. A truly enjoyable read! —Linda Kozar, author of Cozy Mysteries and more

Susan G. Mathis takes readers on a compelling journey of hope and redemption that spans time and continents. This touching story of faith, family, and a mysterious missing Irish quilt is a wonderful read for those who enjoy historical or contemporary fiction. —Jackie M. Johnson, author of Praying with Power When Life Gets Tough

In The Fabric of Hope, Susan G Mathis weaves a beautiful, heartwarming story of family, loss, perseverance, and most of all, hope. —Brandy Bruce, author of Looks Like Love


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Katelyn’s Choice

Book 1 of The Thousand Islands Summer Series

When nineteen-year-old Katelyn Kavanagh leaves her family’s struggling farm to work on Pullman Island for the famous George Pullman, she finds herself serving powerful men such as President Ulysses S. Grant, and General Sheridan—and falling in love with her best friend’s brother. Katelyn gains popularity with some of her friends by spilling the sensitive high society gossip she’s privy to. But when she overhears a possibly damaging presidential conversation, she knows she can’t tell anyone. She could lose her job—and endanger the president’s 1872 reelection—and jeopardize her relationship with the man of her dreams. Still, the scandalous news just keeps begging to be told…





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