Hungry for Attention

People today are starved for attention—successful people, homeless people, big people—and little people. We all want relationships with those who have a caring ear, eyes that communicate compassion and understanding, hands that touch with meaning and gentleness, and a heart that lets us feel God’s love. But how often do we meet those kinds of […]

Creating with the Creator

When I coach aspiring Christian writers, one of the first things I encourage them to do is to form a writing life that’s based on biblical values. In the secular culture we live in, that is often not on the top of the list, yet it is a critical part of making your writing life […]


The characters in my novel faced lots of changes in their marriage, and I’m guessing you face lots of changes in your marriage as well. But as we embrace those changes together, seek to understand ourselves and our mate, and work with God and each other to walk through our adventures of change, we can […]