Find Your Funny Bone Again

In the busyness, stresses, and responsibilities of family life, couples as well as parents can easily get too serious and forget to make family life a fun, winsome, and pleasant experience. The Bible says, a merry heart is like medicine, so intentionally reengage your funny bone. Make fun and laughter a part of your family […]

Home Made Christian Culture

Besides making God, the Bible, and worship the center of your home life, making church, nature, and respect for life a part of your relationship are all ways to create a Christian culture in your home. But there are other ways to form a biblical family life together and nurture faith in your family, especially […]

Countdown for Spanish-speaking Couples

The Spanish translation of Countdown for Couples: Preparing for the Adventure of Marriage has just released, and we’re very excited about it! Knowing how important marriage and family life is to the Spanish-speaking community, we are thrilled that we can help prepare couples for the adventure of marriage. In it we review the basics, but […]