Pleasure in the Process

After watching the movie, Chariots of Fire, many years ago, someone asked me this question: “When do you feel God’s pleasure?” It didn’t take long before I blurted out “When I write, I feel God’s pleasure,” and it struck me as deeply as it struck her. The answer revealed a high and holy calling on my life, […]

A High View of Blending Family Life

When there are kids in the home, it’s often critical for you as a couple to take a long-term view of family life. Yes, in the short term, you’ll probably be sacrificing many of your wants and desires—and sometimes even your needs—so you can meet the needs of your children. But it’s important to keep […]

Holy Love?

For anyone going into a second marriage (or anyone who has been sexually active), it’s wise to view sexual intimacy in your relationship as a place where God can give you a new start. Whether you’ve lost your first marriage to death or divorce, the fear of being intimate again can be overwhelming. Guilt, mistrust, […]