Dating Through the Years

As the years go by and your marriage deepens and matures, be careful not to get apathetic about your relationship.  Remember what a great adventure your marriage has been—and still can be. While it’s easy to take each other for granted, it’s important to reengage as soon as you realize that your relationship is beginning […]

Making Time For Each Other

Couples tend to get so busy running the kids here and there that they let their private couple time fall to the wayside. But that’s not healthy for your marriage. “We have to be intentional about making time together,” Gayle says. “But instead of expecting a certain amount of couple time, we have to be […]

Happy Birthday Blog

I plan on making this a “Prepare for the Adventure” blog, one based on finding God’s joy in the midst of preparing for the adventure of life in marriage or remarriage, parenting and grandparenting, writing, and even the many transitions of life. I hope you like it. On Twitter, I want to provide my followers […]