Marvelous Mothers

DSC_0022My two favorite mothers are a special part of my life—on either side of me—my 90-year-old mother who has been a gift in my life and my precious daughter who has blessed me with her love, marrying a wonderful man, and giving me two wonderful granddaughters. Both of these fine women have brought me so much joy and love that I can hardly contain it.

My mom has journeyed through so much—from growing up on a farm in northern New York, raising five children, serving and burying two husbands, and loving God all along the way. My daughter has been on her own special journey too—called to be a missionary when she was six, enduring some pretty tough years when her dad left, starting Paradigm Shift with her amazing husband, moving to South Africa, having her two babies in a foreign country—and loving God through it all.

Both of these women have trusted God through so many things, and I think therein lies the power of their lives. Neither of them bailed when times got tough; both of them clung to the One who could lead and guide them through the challenges and changes that came their way.

As mothers, these two women have shown a steadfast love and commitment to being the very best mothers they could be, and they loved their children well. I am the recipient of a lifetime of love, thanks to a Mom who hung in there through thick and thin and still does with every phone call and visit we get to enjoy together. And I am a recipient of abundant love, thanks to a daughter who shares her life and her children with me so willingly and extravagantly with every Skype visit and Facebook post and email and our all-too-infrequent time together.

So on this Mother’s Day, I send accolades and boatloads of love to my two most treasured Moms, and I give them my own personal Mother of the Year award! Who would you like to give a Mother of the Year award to? I’d love to know!



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