Time to Rest

  Dale and I love to travel, and we’ve been blessed to do a lot of it since we got married. We’ve taken trips to Europe, South Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia, and more, and we’ve discovered an amazing tapestry of God’s beautiful world and the cultures of times past and present. Most of our […]

Being With You

As I closed the brightly colored picture book, my granddaughter looked at me with those big blue eyes. “Being with you is the best thing of all, Gran.” “Better than jumping on the trampoline?” Yep! “Better than ballet class or gymnastics?” Yes! “Better than going to the beach?” Of course! “Better than cake and ice […]

Sabbath Rest

There was a good reason that God invented the Sabbath, and I think that’s doubly important for writers. Our minds never stop. We often feel driven to do, write, be. We’re always pondering, dreaming, thinking. But we need to stop and take some time to honor the Sabbath as well as our body, mind, and […]