Support an Author

I recently chatted with a friend about the release of my first picture book, Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya: Love is Patient. She said, “I want to support your work, Susan. What a great book! What can I do to help?” I was tongue-tied. Besides stating the obvious, “Buy my book!” I just wasn’t sure what […]

Not Just Chapter Two!

Remarriage can be an incredible journey into a new and beautiful life. But it also can have its challenges. “Be cautious, because a second marriage is so much different from the first,” Jill and Nick, a couple in our book, say. “It’s not just ‘chapter two’—everything is so much more complicated! You have your marriage, […]

The Adventure of Remarriage

Remarriage is truly an adventure! As on any journey, there are often beautiful moments and wonderful surprises. This has certainly been true for Dale and me. There are times of love and laughter, joy and adventure. But there are also dangers seen and unseen—road bumps, potholes, detours, hazards, and difficulties along the way. When you’re […]

Challenges Can Draw You Closer

Dale and I have experienced medical challenges—cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and illnesses. We’ve had challenges in our adult children’s lives—financial stresses, unemployment, school struggles, health issues, and major moves across the country and the world. We’ve had life challenges—job changes, aging parents, home and car repairs, and so much more. Yet all these […]

Part of God’s Story

If you allow it, your marriage can be a special part of God’s bigger story, for you have the privilege of showing others—including your children, family, friends, and  community—what God intends for marriage. As you choose to intentionally develop your relationship in a godly way, and as you seize the moments to love deeply, treat […]

Our Book Baby

This nine-month thing is a blessing and a curse! When I had my two beautiful babies so many years ago, waiting for nine months had its good points as well as its challenges. It was good that I didn’t pop out a baby bump in a week, and it was helpful to be able to […]

Marriages Around the World

We recently went to our mailbox and received an Indonesian copy of our book, Countdown for Couples: Preparing for the Adventure of Marriage. And then we heard it is also being translated into Spanish and will release in October! We’re so excited that we can help couples prepare for the adventure of marriage all around […]