The Adventure of Remarriage

Remarriage is truly an adventure! As on any journey, there are often beautiful moments and wonderful surprises. This has certainly been true for Dale and me. There are times of love and laughter, joy and adventure. But there are also dangers seen and unseen—road bumps, potholes, detours, hazards, and difficulties along the way.

When you’re on a journey, you’ll inevitably learn new things, and hopefully you’ll always continue to grow. You’ll enjoy new experiences, meet interesting people, and encounter new challenges. And when you are blending a family, you’ll experience all of these things—sometimes in just one day!

Dale and I love to experience new adventures. Whether we’re hiking in the Rocky Mountains, scrambling up the famous Dunn’s River waterfall in Jamaica—just as a hurricane hit—or holding a wild baby lion cub in South Africa, we try to enjoy everything our journey has to offer.

That goes for our marriage as well. We enjoy the good times, make great memories, and capture the moments of fun and adventure. But when times get tough, when storms come, or when roadblocks hinder our path, we try to realize that the road bumps and potholes are just part of making an adventure unique. So we work together to overcome each obstacle that attempts to impede our journey.

What challenges have you found to be an adventure? Leave us a comment; we’d love to know.

Adapted from The ReMarriage Adventure: Preparing for a Lifetime of Love & Happiness, by Susan and Dale Mathis. Copyright © 2012, all rights reserved.


Marriages Around the World

We recently went to our mailbox and received an Indonesian copy of our book, Countdown for Couples: Preparing for the Adventure of Marriage. And then we heard it is also being translated into Spanish and will release in October! We’re so excited that we can help couples prepare for the adventure of marriage all around the Spanish-speaking world. Wow!

What an incredible blessing to know that we, in essence, are missionaries to the people of Indonesia, a Muslim country so far, far away! And to know we will also minister to Spanish-speaking couples is both exciting and humbling.

I’ve had a heart for the world ever since I became a believer some 35 years ago. I taught about God’s love for the peoples of the world when I taught grade school. I wrote missions curriculum for the Association of Christian Schools International for five wonderful years. And I’ve written a children’s book series on missions that I hope to get published some day.

I even helped my daughter prepare for becoming a missionary. I helped her raised support to go on missions trips every summer, and I encouraged her to follow God’s call on her life. And when she met and married her sweet husband—who was also called to the mission field—I rejoiced with her. I was content in touching the world through their ministry, and I took great joy in that.

But I had no clue that God would so graciously send us around the globe, teaching about His plan for marriage, through our books. I am blessed beyond measure. I am humbled beyond words. And I find great joy in the reality that He can choose to use every day people like us to help others. Is our God cool or what?

How has God used you to reach out to others lately? I’d love to hear.