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12 Comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Susan,
    I am a retired teacher from the 1000 Islands area – I was born and grew up in LaFargeville and moved all the way to Watertown for my adult life.
    I currently am president of our local educators’ sorority – ADK. Our group has not met in person since March, but have continued our monthly meetings using Zoom. It has been difficult planning things to do on a Zoom meeting.
    We have many times in the past chosen to do a book club within our group. We would like to do one again, and would love to use one of your books. Is there one you would recommend, preferably one that is set in the 1000 Islands area?
    Thank you for your input and help –
    Dianne Loonan

    • Hi Dianne,
      My newest Thousand Islands Gilded Age story comes out November 12th. I’d love to do a Zoom chat with you on this story—or any of my stories. Please let me know if I can serve your book group in the future.

  2. Susan, I lived in Ogdensburg, NY ever since I met and married my husband at Roberts Wesleyan College, North Chili, NY (Rochester) and we brought up 4 children there. We spent many days/weeks in the 1000 Is. and north, all the way to Ottawa and that area. What a life in the North Country! Now, my husband is in Heaven and my children and grandchildren live from NH to Washington. My husband started Youth For Christ in Ogdensburg 52 years ago and it is still going strong! Now, I need to get down to why I am writing you. I have read almost all of your books that take place around the 1000 Is. I was reading REAGAN’S REWARD today, I got to page 228 and then it didn’t make sense. Upon checking the pages, it went from P.228 to P. 235, so there are 6 pages missing. I checked and they were not added anytime later or at the end. SO DISAPPOINTED! I ordered it from Amazon, so I wondered if YOU wanted to deal with them to check all of your issues of this book with them. I want to finish the book, and then I hand them down to my girls. What would you like me to do? Thank you.
    Mary Cameron

    • Dear Mary,
      I see you wrote this in February, but it’s just now popping up. Weird. And so sorry they messed up your book. I checked my copies and found them complete. If you haven’t spoken to Amazon, please give them “what for” and they should give you a new copy. Smiles, Susan

  3. Susan,

    the thousand islands gilded age was between 1872 and 1912, what happened after 1912, where did the rich go after all the summer islands in the thousand islands region had been bought up, what caused the gilded age to disappear in 1912?

    • Great question, Carl. With the coming of WW1, folks began staying home. Then came the post-war troubles and depression. (Sorry this got caught in some cyberspace pocket and I’m just seeing it now. Sigh).

  4. Hi Susan,
    My name is Karie Zehr from Castorland NY. I am starting a little library in my little village of Castorland- in upstate NYS. I saw you were a local author and were seeing if you would want to donate one of your books? We would be so appreciative!

  5. How can I obtain a autographed copy of you book coming out mmm in Nov. 2021

  6. I would like to buy 5-6 books that are signed. If this is possible please let me know

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