Meet author Susan Sloan

Susan Sloan started writing as a teen and has been published sporadically in denominational magazines and local newspapers over many years. After retiring, she combined her love of writing and history in a Civil War series based on a true event. A member of ACFW, Toastmasters, and a Christmas caroling group in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia, Susan and husband Ricky have three adult children and five grandsons.

Tell us about your newest book.

–Managing Millie is the third book in my Rescued Hearts of the Civil War series. It revolves around two young people (16 and 19), growing up during a time of war. When circumstances lead to an uncontrolled passion, neither is ready for the eventual result and the responsibilities it brings. Though their love is true, the war separates them and forces them to accept adult commitments.

What inspired you to write Managing Millie?

When my grandfather died at age 80 after 53 years of marriage to my grandmother, we learned that their wedding occurred just five months before the birth of their first child. Then, more recently, other friends and family members faced similar situations. Although we know this happens, as Christians, we somehow don’t expect it to show up in our families. I felt compelled to consider how circumstances might lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

What genre do you focus on?

Historical fiction is my favorite genre because I enjoy learning and sharing about lesser-known facts from history.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing a book?

I’m a slow writer, so I focus on writing consistently—every day as much as possible. With the help of ACFW groups, I set a monthly goal, so I know how many words I need each day to reach that goal. Although my schedule can vary, I usually write in late afternoon and evening.

What is the hardest part of being an author?

Marketing is the hardest part for me because technology is constantly changing. I also find it difficult to put myself in front of people and tout my work when there are so many good writers out there.

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

I really enjoy working with other writers (in critique groups, at conferences, etc.) and meeting my readers. It’s always a joy to find others who “get me.”

What’s one unusual fact about you?

Although I’ve been writing for decades, I’m a late bloomer as an author. I wrote my first novel just before I turned 40 (when my children were small), but I chose a genre not “in vogue” at the time and gave up after several rejections. Meanwhile, I worked in the chemical industry for 20 years before landing a job as a technical writer.

What is your favorite pastime?

Singing in groups, whether a trio, an ensemble, or a choir. I love learning new music.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

The first two books in my series are Rescuing Rose and Loving Lydia, which center on the same event but focus on different characters and slightly different timelines.

What are you working on now?

A follow-up to the series, which could be book #4 or start a new series.


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Meet author Lainey La Shay

Lainey La Shay is a writer who shines light on the deep issues of life and relationships. While she can’t show you her face or tell you her real name, she is passionate about being a champion for those who have faced insurmountable odds and helps them come out the other side standing tall. Lainey is a lover of adventure. When not lost in a good book, she is an avid hiker, nature-lover, and cyclist, and enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Tell us about your newest book.

More Than a Survivor is a seven-day devotional and journal for survivors of trauma and abuse. The book includes short devotionals, prayers, journal space, inspiring quotes and Bible verses, and coloring pages, all created to help survivors process and heal.

What inspired you to write More Than a Survivor?

I am a survivor of abuse and trauma. When I was fleeing my abusive marriage, I craved a book like this but didn’t know where to find one. It was hard to read or write, but I craved an encouraging word to remind me I wasn’t crazy or alone, and a place to jot notes or just scribble if I needed. I wrote this book for others who are walking through that valley and share that need.

What genre do you focus on?

I focus on contemporary women’s fiction and non-fiction, because I believe it’s vital to share the stories that are difficult to talk about and the emotions behind them. I love diving deeper, exploring those truths, and bringing them out into the light.

Why do you write?

Writing and storytelling is as essential and natural to me as breathing. It’s a passion God put in my heart since I could hold a crayon. The opportunity to tell stories that infuse hope into the lives of others, to bring healing and remind my readers they’re not alone, is what drives me.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing a book?

My schedule is intermittent when I’m writing. I may write hard for two hours and come away from the computer depleted, so I will go do something else (chores, nap, go cycling) and come back to it an hour or two later. I’ve found this rhythm keeps me refreshed when writing. I also do my best writing after dark, so my family often falls asleep to the clickity-clack of me typing.

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

The freedom to write what God has put on my heart, and the opportunity to use it to bless those who are reading it. Knowing that it may touch that one person brings me great joy.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

The biggest change has been my focus. When I first started writing and learning the craft, my focus was on myself and the stories I wanted to create. Now, my focus is on the stories God wants me to tell and how they can bring hope and help to others.

What is your favorite pastime?

Spending time in God’s creation, whether it’s cycling, hiking, gardening, or just sitting on the porch listening to the birds sing.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

My first novel, No Tangible Threat, is releasing in January 2024. It follows the journey of Avery Morgan – a woman who has discovered her abusive husband has plans to take her life – and what she must do to survive.

What are you working on now?

I am putting the final polish on my novel, No Tangible Threat, and am starting my second novel, Love Takes Guts, a redemptive story about a woman with a chronic illness.


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Christmas gift ideas

Thanks for being a faithful subscriber/reader to my blog.

I often feature author friends and their work, but I thought you’d like a peek at mine this week. I have eleven so far. Which is your favorite? I’d love to know! Please consider giving the gift of reading this Christmas. It’s a gift that lives far beyond bubble bath or socks. Smiles.

Here are all my books in one short list. Pick a few and give to others and/or pass on the list to other book lovers? All of them are on Amazon, and there are links to all buying options on my website. Merry Christmas, friends!

Ps. I have a three-book Love at a Lighthouse series coming in 2024 that includes Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, Sister Island Lighthouse, and Rock Island Lighthouse!

Susan G Mathis is an international award-winning, multi-published author published more than thirty times in full-length novels, novellas, and non-fiction books.

A Summer at Thousand Island House

Addison Bell serves children of the Thousand Island House guests on Staple’s Island. While thriving in her work, Addi’s vivacity attracts the attention of the recreation pavilion’s manager, Liam Donovan, as well as the handsome Navy Officer Lt. Worthington, a lighthouse inspector, hotel patron, and single father of mischievous little Jimmy. When Jimmy goes missing while in Addi’s care and former President Chester Arthur finds the child a stowaway on his fishing boat, her job and reputation are endangered. How can she calm the churning waters of Liam, Lt. Worthington, and the President, clear her name, and avoid becoming the scorn of the community?

Mary’s Moment

Mary Flynn is christened the community heroine for calling in a fire and saving dozens of homes. As the first telephone switchboard operator for the Thousand Islands Park, she basks in her fame but hides a secret that haunts her. Less than a month later, Mary must risk her life to call for help when an even worse fire blazes through the Thousand Islands Park Commons. Widowed fireman George Flannigan is enamored by the brave, toffee-haired lass and takes every opportunity to connect with Mary. But he has secrets of his own, and when he can’t stop the Columbian Hotel—and almost a hundred cottages—from being burned to the ground, Mary is left homeless, and she withdraws from him. Will she be consumed by her painful past or embrace the future?

Peyton’s Promise

Peyton Quinn is tasked with preparing the grand Calumet Castle ballroom for a summer gala. As she works in a male-dominated position of upholsterer and fights for women’s equality, she’s persecuted for her unorthodox ways. But when her pyrotechnics-engineer father is seriously hurt, she takes over the plans for the fireworks display despite being socially ostracized. Patrick Taylor, Calumet’s carpenter and Peyton’s childhood chum, hopes to win her heart, but her unconventional undertakings cause a rift. Peyton has to ignore the prejudices and persevere or she could lose her job, forfeit Patrick’s love and respect, and become the talk of local gossips.

Devyn’s Dilemma

Devyn McKenna is forced to work in the Towers on Dark Island. But when Devyn finds herself in service to the wealthy Frederick Bourne family, her life takes an unexpected turn. Brice McBride, Mr. Bourne’s valet, tries to help the mysterious Devyn find peace and love in her new world, but she can’t seem to stay out of trouble—especially when she’s accused of stealing Bourne’s money for Vanderbilt’s NYC subway expansion.

Katelyn’s Choice

Katelyn Kavanagh finds herself in the service of none other than the famous George Pullman, and the transition proves anything but easy. Thomas O’Neill also works on Pullman Island and tries to help her adjust to her new world, but she just can’t seem to tame her gossiping tongue—even when it could endanger her job, the 1872 re-election of Pullman guest President Ulysses S. Grant, and the love of the man of her dreams.

~ ~ ~

Rachel’s Reunion

Rachel Kelly serves the most elite patrons at the famed New Frontenac Hotel on Round Island. She has wondered about her old beau, Mitch, ever since he toyed with her affections while on Calumet Island, then left for the high seas and taken her heart with him. Now he’s back, opening the wound she thought was healed. Mitch O’Keefe returns to claim his bride but finds it more difficult than he thought when he becomes captain of a New Frontenac Hotel touring yacht, just to be near Rachel. But his attempts to win her back are thwarted, especially when a wealthy patron seeks her attention. Who will Rachel choose?

Colleen’s Confession

Colleen Sullivan conceals secrets when she works on Comfort Island. She loves to draw and dreams of growing in the craft. But tragedy strikes and her orphan dreams of finally belonging and becoming a wife and an artist are gone. Jack Weiss is smitten by the lovely Irish lass. Perhaps introducing her to the famous impressionist, Alson Skinner Clark, will brighten her opinion of him. But rumors of war in Europe means Jack must choose between joining his homeland’s army or staying safe in the Thousand Islands as he makes a life with Colleen. If she will have him.

Reagan’s Reward

Reagan Kennedy assumes the position of governess to the Bernheim family’s twin nephews, and her life at Cherry Island’s Casa Blanca becomes frustratingly complicated. Service to a Jewish family and tending to eight-year-old mischievous boys brings trouble galore. Daniel Lovitz serves as the island’s caretaker and boatman. When he tries to help the alluring Reagan make sense of her new world, her insecurities mount as her confidence is shaken―especially when she crosses the faith divide and when Etta Damsky makes her life miserable. As trouble brews, Daniel sees another side of the woman he’s come to love.

Sara’s Surprise

Sara O’Neill works as an assistant pastry chef at the Thousand Islands Crossmon Hotel where she meets precocious, seven-year-old Madison and her charming father and hotel manager, Sean Graham. But Jacque LaFleur, the pastry chef Sara works under, makes her dream job a nightmare. Sean has trouble keeping Madison out of mischief and his mind off Sara. Though he finds Sara captivating, he’s jealous of LaFleur and misreads Sara’s desire to learn from the pastry chef as love. Can Sean learn to trust her and can Sara trust him—and herself to be an instant mother?

Christmas Charity

Susan Hawkins and Patrick O’Neill find that an arranged marriage is much harder than they think, especially when they emigrate from Wolfe Island, Canada, to Cape Vincent, New York, in 1864, just a week after they marry—with Patrick’s nine-year-old daughter, Lizzy, in tow. Can twenty-three-year-old Susan Hawkins learn to love her forty-nine-year-old husband and find charity for her angry stepdaughter? With Christmas coming, she hopes so.

The Fabric of Hope:

An Irish Family Legacy

After struggling to accept the changes forced upon her, Margaret Hawkins and her family take a perilous journey on an 1851 immigrant ship to the New World, bringing with her an Irish family quilt she is making. A hundred and sixty years later, her great granddaughter, Maggie, searches for the family quilt after her ex-pawns it. But on their way to creating a family legacy, will these women find peace with the past and embrace hope for the future, or will they be imprisoned by fear and faithlessness?


A Summer at Thousand Island House

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Thanks so much for your support and a very Merry Christmas!

Smiles, Susan

Thousand Islands Fiction


Meet author Alyssa Schwarz

Alyssa is a Colorado native who attended the Colorado School of Mines, got her masters in Geological Engineering, and promptly became a watercolor artist and author (as one does). She loves writing heartfelt romances with happy endings, a bit of mystery, faith, humor, and second chances. You can find her online at

Tell us about your newest book.

Fields of Glass is the final book in the Prescott Family Romance series, and offers a dual romance for the last remaining Prescott cousins, Micah and Caden. Micah will do anything to save his family’s sheep ranch, and Caden is still searching for his direction in life while he helps out his cousin with the sheep and fields. Under threats of foreclosure from the bank and a city firm pressuring him to sell, Micah has enough problems to worry about before corporate representative Grace shows up and the only bridge into town washes out. Set on a ranch in the mountains of southern Colorado, this story takes readers on a journey of forgiveness and finding one’s true worth in God.

What inspired you to write Fields of Glass?

I knew I wanted to wrap up the series and give each cousin a happy ending, and I also knew that throwing the oldest and youngest cousin together on a sheep ranch would be a lot of fun to write about. Besides forgiveness, one of the main themes of this story is this idea that God is our great Shepherd. This is something I’ve really been trying to lean into this past year, and while it can be difficult at times to listen to His directions, we can trust that He is already walking ahead of us. I wanted to find a way to convey that in a story, so a wounded rancher trying to revive a family sheep ranch seemed like the perfect backdrop.

How would you describe this book to someone in a 30-second blurb?

Be prepared to learn about bee keeping with a comedic twist, enjoy the everyday ins and outs of a slower-paced life on a ranch in the middle of God’s beautiful creation in Colorado, and be touched by a heartwarming story with themes of forgiveness, redemption, second-chances, and love.

What genre do you focus on?

So far, I’ve focused on writing contemporary Christian fiction romance. Although, as a reader, I love both contemporary and historical Christian fiction. They’re both so different from one another, but they both have the power to speak life and truth into our lives. I’m planning for my next book to be a split time WW2 story, so something very different to have fun with!

Why do you write?

God has opened so many doors for me to pursue this dream, and every day is a step in faith.

Who is your main character, and how did you choose that name?

There are four main characters in this book: Micah Prescott, Caden Prescott, Callie Spencer, and Francis (Grace) Riley. Based on the story’s themes, I immediately knew I wanted the female lead to be named Grace, and equally fitting that she choses to go by that name when it isn’t even her first name. It shows the hint that she desperately wants to find grace and love, even if she doesn’t realize it just yet. Callie is a friendly soul, and reminds me very much of Anne from Green Gables. I wanted to give her a whimsical name worthy of the heroine, but not something as old-fashioned as Cordelia. Caden and Micah’s names go all the way back to The Glass Cottage, and while they have less meaning behind them, I fell in love with the unique names the moment I read them.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing a book?

I have another part-time job, so I mainly write Wednesdays through Fridays. Every day is a little bit of writing, editing, coming up with creative ideas for Instagram posts or marketing plans…

I probably should create more of a firm schedule to stick to, but the helter-skelter method has worked so far!

What is the hardest part of being an author?

As an indie author, I often feel the struggle of having to wear so many hats: author, marketer, publisher, editor, graphic designer… It can be a lot, but I try and give myself time and space to focus on each one when need be.

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

I love that I get to do something creative. My background is in geological engineering, which oddly enough involves a fair bit of storytelling in itself, but it’s so much more fun getting to dream up stories all day.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

This past year has brought with it a lot of challenges, and I feel (hope) I’ve grown from them all in some way. I’m still learning a TON from other amazing writers, and I look forward continuing to grow my craft in the future.

What is your favorite pastime?

Recently, I’ve really gotten into reading cook books from the library. There’s something so exciting about finding new recipes and experimenting until you find something you love.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

Yes! I have two other books out in the same series: Dear Beth (a novella prequel), The Glass Cottage, and The Glass Road. I’ve also written a handful of flash fiction stories for Spark Flash Fiction online magazine.

What are you working on now?

I’ve got a couple projects currently in the works, and they span from modern day Washington to WW2 Kiev and Budapest.


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Meet author Davalynn C. Spencer

Internationally acclaimed novelist and Will Rogers Gold Medallion winner, Davalynn Spencer writes Western romance set along the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. She is a Publisher’s Weekly and ECPA bestselling author of contemporary and historical fiction. An award-winning rodeo journalist and former crime-beat reporter, she is a member of the Colorado Humanities CBA Speakers Bureau, teaches writing workshops, plays on her church worship team, and loves bacon and chocolate. Just not together.

Tell us about your newest book.

Widowed romance novelist, Georgia Andrews, has spent the last five years in the imaginary arms of her rugged heroes. Her work keeps her heart up, her head down, and her bills paid. But she needs something else this Christmas. When her handsome, widowed pastor takes more than a passing interest in her, she wonders if there is hope in her real life for a second-chance romance.

Dave Weatherford’s sprawling ranch house echoes since his wife’s passing. As an interim pastor, he still has time to maintain his heritage ranch, but maintaining his heart is another matter, especially at Christmas. When he sees Georgia Andrews sitting in the next to the last pew at church, he decides a second chance is what he needs, especially in this miraculous season of love.

What inspired you to write A Mistletoe Christmas?

I wanted to write a romance between a man and a woman with a little silver in their hair. Hope can be found between the lines of this story, and what better time to share hope than at Christmas?

How would you describe this book to someone in a 30-second blurb?

Widowed novelist Georgia Andrews has a choice: another lonely Christmas or a real, live hero. Dave Weatherford easily maintains his heritage ranch, but not his empty heart. They both need a second chance, especially in this miraculous season of love.

What genre do you focus on?

I’m #lovingthecowboy and that means there is a rugged cowboy in every one of my eighteen titles whether they are historical Western or contemporary ranch life.

Why do you write?

I’ve written stories since my sixth-grade teacher’s early encouragement, and I’ve found that they fill me as well as draw me out. I’ve always been interested in how couples met and asked that question even during my years as a newspaper reporter. Basically, I write for the same reason I eat and sleep!

Who is your main character, and how did you choose that name?

My two main characters are Dave and Georgia, a small switch-up from the actual names of two people I know.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing a book?

My writing goal is 2,000 words a day until the first draft is completed. I typically write Monday through Friday, but I never write on Sunday. God knew what He was doing when He told His people, “Give it a rest!”

What is the hardest part of being an author?

Marketing is my least favorite aspect of life as an author, but it is a necessary evil. Maybe I’ll change that last word to “unpleasantry.”

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

It is extremely fulfilling to hear from readers who see an aspect of God and faith that they hadn’t previously recognized. Writing weaves into my life purpose which is to proclaim God and His faithfulness.

What’s one thing your readers should know about you?

I have a little silver in my hair.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

I believe my craft has improved over the years. I love words and the way they draw people.

What is your favorite pastime?

Planting and growing sunflowers, playing on my church worship team, walking in the mornings, and reading in the evenings. Clearly, I can’t pick just one.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

All my books can be accessed via my website at

The Columbine Bride is free to newsletter subscribers at

The Canon City Chronicles:

Loving the Horseman Book 1

Straight to My Heart Book 2

Romancing the Widow Book 3

The Canon City Chronicles ­– Books 1-3

A Change of Scenery Book 4

Hope is Built Book 5


Front Range Brides:

Mail-Order Misfire

An Improper Proposal

An Unexpected Redemption

An Impossible Price


The Snowbound Bride

Snow Angel

Just in Time for Christmas

A High-Country Christmas

A Boarding House Christmas

A Mistletoe Christmas

The Miracle Tree

Always a Wedding Planner (collection)

Nonfiction: Always Before Me – 90 story-devotions for women


What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on Book 6 of the beloved Western romance series, The Cañon City Chronicles. Covering Grace tells the story of Grace Hutton in the early 1900s, a former Wild West performer and sister of Cale and Hugh Hutton, the third generation of the Hutton family.



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