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Kathleen Rouser is a multi-published author of historical and contemporary Christian romance. Kathleen has loved making up stories since she was a little girl and wanted to be a writer before she could even read. She loves Jesus and is a fan of the three Cs—cats, coffee, and chocolate. She lives in southeast Michigan with her hero and husband of many years and two sweet cats who found a home in their empty nest.

Tell us about your newest book.

She only wants a fresh start, but her past might be the only hope to save his life—and the lives of countless innocents. 

Determined widow Maggie Galloway dreams of a peaceful life and a successful business. And winning the Silver Leaf Flour Company baking contest could be the key to that success. She even has a chance at a prestigious position through a dashing former beau. But when her son gets into a fight with the local pharmacist’s son, Maggie’s peaceful life is derailed.

Reserved pharmacist and recent widower Thomas Harper is also looking for a fresh start for himself and his four children. But when Thomas falls gravely ill, his only choice is to enlist the help of the local baker with a knowledge of concocting remedies. He’s even more reluctant to admit that Maggie may also be the remedy for his grieving heart. And when a traveling medicine man’s medicines beget tragedy, Thomas and Maggie must overcome their differences to save the children of Stone Creek—and face the growing attraction between them—before it’s too late.

What inspired you to write Secrets and Wishes?

The idea for writing Secrets and Wishes sprung from getting to know one of my secondary characters in Rumors and Promises. Reverend Ian McCormick’s outspoken older sister and housekeeper, Maggie, needed to have her story told too. My interest in the history of medicine and pharmaceuticals made it easy to bring in a turn-of-the-century pharmacist as a hero. The true stories of children who were accidentally overdosed with opioids from over-the-counter mixtures sold as medicine of the day provided me with part of the conflict in the story.

There was something fun about writing about such an opposite hero and heroine and the antics of their children. I intended for it to be rather humorous and family-centric. My original title for the story was A Good Medicine taken from the verse Proverbs 17:22: A merry heart does good, like medicine, But a broken spirit dries the bones.(NKJV) I suppose that was part of my inspiration to write Secrets and Wishes as well.

How would you describe this book to someone in a 30-second blurb?

Tidy, outspoken widow, Maggie Galloway encounters reticent and unorganized widower Thomas Galloway and his unruly brood. When she’s enlisted to help him recover from a grave illness and they’re later thrown together in the battle against a traveling medicine man’s fake remedies, attraction grows between them. It could take dire circumstance for Thomas and Maggie to see they are the healing balm for each other’s grieving heart before it’s too late.

What genre do you focus on?

Though I have written a couple of contemporary romance stories, I tend to focus on writing historical romance. I love traveling back in time in my imagination and writing stories that deal with the challenges people had in times past. I’m also a sucker for the happily-ever-after ending and love writing about people falling in love. I feel it’s reflection of God’s love for us—the greatest romance of all in sending His Son, Jesus, to redeem us.

Why do you write?

The power of story spoke to me at an early age and I enjoy making up stories that reflect God’s truth. I pray that glorify Him with the stories I write.

Who is your main character, and how did you choose that name?

Maggie Galloway, nee Maggie McCormick. It seemed like a good name for a lady of Irish heritage with auburn hair. I just felt it fit her character.

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

I love the flexibility of an author’s life. I can write for traditional publishers or write indie books if I choose. It gives me options. Also, the fun of making up characters and their backstories, seeing how I can fit their lives together with the lives of other characters, kind of like a puzzle. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it to wait and see how my story is revealed as I create.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

I’ve realized that you never stop growing. There’s always something more to be learned. And I’ve grown in my desire to write what’s pleasing to the Lord. I want to tell stories with an authentic voice that speaks to people’s hearts with His message.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

Yes, the first book in the Stone Creek Bride Series, Rumors and Promises. The third book in the series will be released in April and is titled Scandals and Mercies. Other books of mine are: The Pocket Watch in the Brave New Century anthology, The Last Memory, and my contemporary with a split-time subplot, When Hearts Take Flight.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a contemporary romance set in small-town Michigan, working title: A Family of Her Own.

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