Meet YA author Janet E. Fichter

Janet writes to inspire readers to gain a broader, more spiritual perspective of life’s events. Her narratives and thought-provoking essays help kindle a passion for serving Christ. Janet is author of The Ministry of the Unveiled Face (non-fiction… Read More

Meet YA author Carrie Looper Stephens

Carrie Looper Stephens first created the Vickland Trilogy when she was 13 and she’s loved telling stories ever since.  She also loves gardening, hiking, reading, and rescuing cats. She lives in South Carolina with her husband Daniel, daughter… Read More

Meet author Cher Gatto

Tell us about your newest book. My debut novel, Something I Am Not, was published by Lighthouse Publishers of the Carolinas and released January 2019. Originally titled Billy, Something I Am Not won the American Christian Fiction Writer’s… Read More

Meet Marie Sontag

Marie Sontag loves learning, writing, and kids. These passions melded into a desire to write historical fiction for middle-grade and young adult readers. After earning a BA in social science, teaching middle school for over fifteen years, and… Read More