A great Christmas gift

Wow! Christmas in a week? No way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories, whether The Fabric of Hope, Christmas Charity, Katelyn’s Choice, or my most recent novella, Sara’s Surprise. Any (or all) of them would make great Christmas gifts…as would any book. Books are the gift that keep on giving!

If you haven’t yet read Sara’s Surprise, here’s a short excerpt:

Sean gathered Madison in his arms, hugging her tight and lifting her into his arms. Over her shoulder, he bobbed his head and tossed Sara a smile. His heart thumped at the sight of her, her gentle eyes returning his greeting. She rose as he joined her.

“Thank you for watching my girl.”

Sara waved toward the table. “My pleasure. Will you join us?” Her eyes seemed to beg him to stay. He’d like nothing more.

He set Madison down and moved to an empty place. “If I’m not imposing.”

Madison patted his hand. “Miss Ann said she had cobbler for us. But you have to eat all your dinner before you can have some.” She pointed to her plate. “I ate all of mine.”

Sara shook her head. “She’s a corker. Ne’er seen the like of it.”

Sean reached over to tickle Madison under the chin. “You can say that again.”

His daughter giggled. “What’s a corker?”

Sara patted her hand. “An adorable, enjoyable, funny, delightful darling, that’s what.”

Sean’s pulse quickened, and perspiration tickled his brow. He swiped it with his napkin. Sara’s a corker too.

Sara rose from her chair. “I’ll be right back.”

What was it about this woman that made him feel like a sentimental schoolboy? Everything.

“Sara’s so nice, Papa. You should marry her, and she can be my mama.”

He froze, furiously scanned the room hoping no one heard the comment, and turned a scolding eye to his daughter. “Hush, child.”

Madison pursed her lips, frowning an apology.

Sara returned with a pretty smile on her face, a plate of food and a glass of lemonade in her hands. “I wasn’t sure if you’d like coffee, but seeing it’s so warm this evening, I thought this would be most refreshing.”

Sean grinned, motioning for her to join them. “It’s perfect. Your smile reminds me of an Irish saying, ‘Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom.’”

Sara’s cheeks turned a pretty pink, and she batted her long lashes. “Why, thank you, kind sir. But I think I’m far from a state of wisdom.”

“There are different degrees of wisdom, lass.” He pointed to his daughter with a tilt of his fork. “This one is too wise for her own good sometimes, but you seem to have a fairly balanced measure of wisdom.” He took another bite. “This is delicious. We’ll have to come here more often.”

Nearby, a sing-song voice offered agreement. “And I hope you do.”

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