The Step Between: Our Resurrection Day

institutional-commodity-services-ics6In this past month, a 51-year-old neighbor headed to heaven only nineteen days after being diagnosed with cancer. Another neighbor and friend headed to Miami for a cruise, ended up in the hospital, and was diagnosed with cancer. My 92-year-old mom went to the hospital with pneumonia; I am here with her now as I write this.

Life is fragile, and the step between earth and eternity is a small one. Thankfully, all three of these dear people are believers and are—or will one day be—in heaven. Mom and I have been talking about that a lot this week, and I’m so glad her faith is sure. That makes dealing with the step between a little bit easier.

Sunday is Easter, the day we will celebrate Christ’s resurrection. We will recall His short walk on this earth and the amazing things He said and did during that time. We will remember His terrible suffering and the forgiveness He so freely gave. And we will worship Him and the glorious reality that He rose from the dead to save us all.

I am grateful my mom is still here on this earth, but seeing her struggle with daily tasks reminds me that, one day, she will be free of the earthly shackles that now bind her. She will be able to soar and sing freely, and she will worship and witness the beauty of heaven, thanks to resurrection Sunday.

The reality is that if we give our lives to God and trust in Him, we will all experience resurrection from the dead, and what a day that will be! As I see my loved ones suffer and struggle here on this earth, I find comfort in knowing they are in God’s care.

So on this Easter weekend, remember that we are all just a step between this earth and eternity. But as we trust in Him, we have the hope of heaven and our eternity will be glorious!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!






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