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2022 Events:

upcoming events:

August 10: Thousand Islands blog feature

August 19: HHH blog feature

September 13: Kathy Harris blog feature

September 14: Thousand Islands blog feature

September 17: Barnes&Nobles book signing

September 19: HHH blog

October 7: Rachel’s Reunion releases!

Oct 8-15: Celebrate Lit! Peyton’s Promise and Rachel’s Reunion Book Tour (features 10 bloggers)


Recent 2022 events: 

May 19: HHH blog feature

May 20: Susan’s newsletter promo

May 23: Gina Holder blog feature


May 24:  Rachelle Paige Campbell blog feature

May 24:  Peyton Book Party!

May 25: Thousand Islands blog feature

May 26: Kelly Goshorn blog feature

May 7-June 5: LitRing Read All Summer promo

May 28: Donna Schlachter blog feature

May 29: Davalynn Spencer blog feature

May 30: HHH May Book Day feature

June 1: CAN new release promo

June 2: Jane Mouttet book review feature

June 4: Thousand Islands Life Magazine feature

June 5: Donna Schlachter blog feature

June 6: TriLakes Book Signing

June 7: Janet Grunst blog feature

June 8: Thousand Islands blog feature

June 11: Heather Greer’s By the Book feature

June 15: HHH Mid-Month Madness FB Live Event

June 16: NovelPASTTimes blog feature

June 17: Donna Schlachter blog feature

June 19: HHH blog feature

June 26: Donna Schlachter blog feature

July 1: CIPA newsletter promo

July 3: Danielle Grandenett Sunday Dinner blog feature

July 6: Thousand Islands blog

July 8: 1000 Islands Sun Newspaper feature

July 15-22 Thousand Islands book tour

Now that Peyton’s Promise is out, it’s high time I fly to the Thousand Islands and celebrate! I’m heading to the islands July 16-21 and would love to see you at one of my events. I’ll have all my books available—while they last. Here’s where I’ll be:

Saturday, July 16 at 10 a.m., I’ll be giving a book talk/signing at the Flower Memorial Library (229 Washington St, Watertown, in Room 1812). Watertown peeps, stop by and chat!

Monday, July 18 from 2-4 p.m., I’ll be at the Little Bookstore for a book signing (413 Riverside Dr, Clayton). Come and see this adorable bookstore and the wonderful lady who runs it.

Tuesday, July 19 from 2-4 p.m., I’ll be at Thousand Islands Park on Wellesley Island for a book talk/signing. (42822 St. Lawrence Ave., TIP, NY 13692)

Wednesday, July 20 from 1-3 p.m., I’ll be at Michael Ringer Gallery for a book signing (203 James St, Clayton). If you haven’t seen all the gorgeous things in this store, take the time to do so.

Wednesday, July 20 at 5 p.m., I’ll be joining the Thousand Islands Museum team for a trip to Calumet where we’ll have a tour, barbeque, and book signing. It’s a sold-out ticketed event, so I hope you got your ticket early!

Thursday, July 21 at 3 p.m., I’ll be at the Cornwall Brothers Store and Museum Multi-Author Event. Several authors will be there to give a short talk on their books and then will sign them. Don’t miss it! (36 Market St, Alexandria Bay)


2021 Events:

Saturday, November 13 from 1-3 p.m. Covered Treasures Book Signing . Susan will be signing her newest title, Colleen’s Confession. Be sure to drop by and pick up your signed copy.

Wednesday, December 1 from 11-1 p.m. Tri-Lakes Y Book Signing. Susan will be signing her newest title, Colleen’s Confession as well as all her books. Be sure to drop by and pick up your signed copies.

Nov 10 Colleen’s Confession is on sale. Order your copy here: Colleen’s Confession

Nov 11 Lena Dooley blog interview: Lena Dooley’s blog.

Nov 13 Covered Treasures Book Signing

Nov 14 Davalynn Spencer’s blog feature:

Nov 15 HiStoryThruTheAges feature:

Nov 16  Thousand Islands Life magazine feature:

Nov 19 Heroines, Heroes & History blog feature:

Nov 26 HiStoryThruTheAges feature:

Dec 3 HiStoryThruTheAges feature:

Dec 19 Heroines, Heroes & History blog feature:

Dec 28: Flower Memorial Library Zoom book talk!

Dec 28: More To Life Magazine feature:

Jan 7: HiStoryThruTheAges feature:

January 19: Heroines, Heroes & History blog feature:

2021 Thousand Islands book tour.

Susan was in the Thousand Islands region July 3-13. Although she several private events, she enjoyed seeing many of you at one of the open events. She loved meeting you face-to-face.

July 3: Fireworks Boat Cruise with Clayton Boat Tours. Come and join me!

July 5: The Little Bookstore, 413 Riverside Dr, Clayton, for a Book Signing at 2 p.m.

July 6: Cornwall Museum, 36 Market St, Alexandria Bay, for a Book Talk and Signing at 1 p.m.

July 10: The Cape Vincent French Festival. Hope to see you there!

2020 Events:

April 1: Seriously Write blog The Bigger Story

April 2: Thousand Islands Life magazine

April 3: Devyn’s Dilemma Facebook Launch Party from 6-7:30 p.m.

April 4: ACFW-CS Author Interview

April 5: HiStoryThruTheAges blog

April 6: Lena Dooley’s blog

2 p.m. Cape Vincent Virtual Author Chat

April 7: Liz Tolsma’s blog

April 8: CAN New Release feature

April 9: Martin Wile’s blog

April 10: Angie Breidenbach’s blog

April 13: Kathleen Rouser’s blog

April 14: Alice Wisler’s blog

April 17: More to Life magazine

April 18: HiStoryThruTheAges blog

April 19: Kathy Harris blog

April 20: Heroes, Heroines & History

April 21: Celebrate Lit!

April 22: Linda Rondeau’s blog

April 27: Davalynn Spencer’s blog

April 30: Cindy Ervin Huff’s blog 

May 1: Linda Rondeau’s blog

May 2: HiStoryThruTheAges blog

May 3: Thousand Islands Life feature

May 5: Liz Tolsma’s blog

May 11: More to Life magazine

May 15: HHH’s MMM

May 19: Heroes, Heroines & History

June events for Devyn’s Dilemma:

June 1: Thousand Islands Life magazine

June 2: Liz Tolsma’s blog

June 19: Heroes, Heroines & History

August 4: Cornwall Museum book signing and talk.

August 20: Covered Treasures book signing

2019 events:

November 1: Thousand Islands Life magazine feature

November 3: Book Signing with artist Susan Fowler

November 4: Blog feature with Lena Dooley

November 5: blog feature with Alice Wisler

November 6: Book Signing at TriLakes Y, Monument, CO from 10-12

November 7: blog feature on Susan G Mathis

November 8: HiStoryThruTheAges blog

November 9: Carol Heilman blog feature

November 14: blog feature on Martin Wiles

November 16: Parker Author Showcase from 2-5 p.m. at Douglas County Library 20105 Main St. Parker, CO

November 19: blog feature with Cindy Huff

November 20: MTL More To Life (MTL) magazine blog feature

November 21: blog feature on Susan G Mathis

November 25: blog feature with Davalynn Spencer

November 30: Book Signing at Covered Treasures, 105 2nd Street, Monument, CO from 12-2pm

December: Susan is featured on Historically Speaking

December 4: Susan is featured on Linda Rondeau’s blog

December 13: Susan is featured on HiStoryThruTheAges blog

December 19: Learn about the Yule Log on Cynthia Simmons’ Heart of the Matter radio show/

earlier 2019 events:

March 1: Susan has a feature in Thousand Islands Life magazine

March 1: Katelyn’s Choiceon ACFW Fiction Finder New Book release

March 2: CAN newsletter features Katelyn’s Choice

March 2: Heartwings book birthday party:

March 5: Susan is featured in the CAN In the News

March 13: Susan talks about Katelyn’s Choice on her blog.

March 14: Celebrate Lit promo giveaway (

March 15: Katelyn’s Choice released!!! Be sure you get your copy and please write a review. Thanks!

March 15: Susan is featured on PeggySue Wells blog

March 16: Susan will be signing her books at the Colorado Book and Arts Festival from 12-4.

March 18: Susan shares about taming the tongue on Davalynn Spencers’s blog

March 19: Susan is a featured author on the Christian Authors Network blog.

March 19: Susan shares about Katelyn’s Choice on HCJB radio

March 20: Susan will be signing her books at the Tri-Lakes Y in Monument, CO from 10-12.

March 20: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Mom Knows Best releases! A sweet story about her mom is in it.

March 21: Susan will be featured in More to Life (MTL) magazine

March 25: Susan is featured on the CAN blog

March 26: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandparents released! The book features a story about building relationships long-distance with her grandchildren.

March 27: SusanGMathis blog on Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandparents

March 30: Susan will be featured on Donna Schlachter’s HiStoryThruTheAges blog.

April 25: Susan will be signing her books at Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument from 5-8 p.m.

2018 events:

Dec. 1: Susan was a guest on HistoryThruTheAges blog discussing Christmas Charity.

Dec. 7: Susan was featured on Sara Hamaker’s blog

Dec. 8: Susan had a book signing at Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument, CO from 11-1.

Dec. 13: Susan was a guest on Peggy Sue Wells blog.

Dec. 18: Susan was a featured author in More To Life (MTL) magazine.

Nov. 3: Susan presented a workshop “Making Sense of it All!” at the Colorado Springs ACFW meeting from 10-12.

Nov. 3: Susan gave a book talk and signed her newest novella, Christmas Charity, at the Monument PPLD library from 2-4.

Nov. 7: Susan had a book signing at the Tri-Lakes YMCA in Monument, CO, from 10-1.

Nov. 8: Susan was a guest on Kathleen Rouser’s blog

Nov. 17: Susan gave a book talk and signed her newest novella, Christmas Charity, at the Author Showcase at the Douglas Co. Library in Parker, Colorado from 1-4.

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Need a Speaker?

Do you need a speaker for your writing group, book club, or writing conference? Since 1993, Susan has been a speaker at writers conferences, teachers conventions, and other organizational gatherings such as Evangelical Press Association (EPA). Susan mentors writers and editors, leads a bi-monthly writers group, co-leads the regional EPA meetings, and has spoken internationally. Contact Susan if you need a speaker for your group, conference, or other event.

Susan is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), Christian Authors Network (CAN), the Association of Women Speakers & Authors (AWSA), and Evangelical Press Association (EPA). She has taught writing workshops for many writers conferences including Evangelical Press Association (EPA), Colorado Christian Writers Conference, Writing for the Soul Conference, Write-to-Publish Conference, Baptist Press Journalism Conference, and others. Below is a list of workshops Susan can teach:


Are you having a writers event? Susan is available to speak to your writers conference, writers retreat, or writers groups. Susan would be glad to do single workshops, multiple sessions, or a continuing education module.

Making Sense of it All. It’s easy to lose the beauty of the moment, an awareness of the senses, delight in the small things, and the sweet simplicity that can make your writing life, and your writing itself so full and vibrant. Come for a hands-on workshop to ignite your creativity in a whole new way, engage your senses, and be amazed how it’ll bring your writing alive!

Organize Your Writing Life. Organizing your writing project—and your writing life—can help you succeed as a writer. Whether your making a plan, scheduling your writing, finding the right tools to help you, or getting ready to write the next Great American Novel, organizing is key. This workshop will give you practical tools to do just that.

The Flip Side of a Writer. It’s important to understand the dual sides of a writer — the creative side and the analytic side. This workshop will help you hone your editing skills, work effectively with your editor, and develop your analytic side with ease.

Self-Editing Made Easy. For creative writers, editing your own work can be daunting. This session provides a step-by-step way to edit your own writing project.

Writing an Amazing Magazine Article. You’ve got a great idea. Here’s a step-by-step way to take your idea and make it an amazing article for publication.

Writing an Amazing Query Letter. Query letter? What’s that? Whether you are writing it for an article or for a book editor to read, come and find out how to create an amazing query letter that editors will stop and notice!

Writing From Your Sweet Spot. You desire to write, even feel called to write. So how do you creatively connect, nurture your vision, grow in your craft, persevere through the challenges, and find God’s plan for your writing life?

Words that Work. Like producing a symphony, creating a written work of art takes vision, hard work, skill—and teamwork. We’ll talk about how to hone your vision, work effectively, develop your skills, and work with your editor well.

Keeping the Focus. In today’s culture, unbiblical worldviews often creep into writing, even from seasoned professional writers. So what, exactly, is a worldview, and how does a writer convey a biblical worldview—without getting theological? Find out how to make sure your writing aligns with biblical truth so you really make a difference in the lives of your readers.

For Editors: The Ideal Editor. Come and learn some tried and true tips for editing a magazine or newsletter article to make it a memorable piece of written art. Topics will include: making effective assignments, respecting the author and keeping his or her voice, and employing the art of being an invisible editor.



“At our first South African Writers Club, Susan imparted a flame—igniting our souls and lighting up those smoldering dreams and desires to express, to write! Susan gave us a rare feast of encouragement, inspiration, and practical pointers.”—Ann R., Johannesburg, South Africa

“Susan’s professional knowledge of many facets of the publishing industry make her a great workshop presenter at writers conferences. I highly recommend her!” —Joyce E.

“Susan is passionate about encouraging young writers, coaching aspiring editors, and touching the hearts of readers around the world.” —Pam W.

Contact Susan for pricing, scheduling, and further details.


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