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As a full-time professional writer with experience in magazines, newspapers, and books, Susan has authored hundreds of published articles in multiple national publications, co-authored two books, and contributed to several other books. From preparing for married life to issues of midlife marriage; from parenting a newborn to parenting adult children; from topics related to the family, missions, teaching—and life, Susan can write just about anything for magazines, newsletters, newspapers, or the web. Please contact Susan if you need a project done in a timely manner—and with excellence!

Specialties include:

Collaborative Writing

Susan has worked with others on several collaborative projects. She recently completed an invitation-only six-week collaborative-writing class and has the expertise to help you with a book idea or personal memoir. If you need a collaborative writer to help with a potential story you want to publish, please contact Susan to help you produce a high-quality product.

Profiles and Interviews

Susan has had many opportunities to do profiles and interviews with both well-known people and ordinary folks. For a year, Susan had her own weekly newspaper column called “Just Folks” for which she interviewed local individuals and wrote about their unique stories, engaging the community in understanding their neighbors, and building a sense of community. And during her eleven-year tenure at Focus on the Family, Susan interviewed and wrote cover stories and profiles on numerous people—celebrities such as Anne Graham Lotz, Bruce Wilkinson, and Michael W. Smith—as well as many others. So if you need an interview-based article, please contact Susan.

Professional Development for Editors

Need help with your editing career or in developing your editorial staff? Susan has lots of experience that can help you in your journey. She is the Founding Editor of Thriving Family magazine and former Editor/Editorial Director of 12 Focus on the Family publications, including five versions of the Focus on the Family magazine, and four versions of the Focus on Your Child newsletters. Susan was also the editor of LifeWise magazine and Single-Parent Family magazine, directed the editorial department for seven years, and has been teaching at writing conferences for over a decade. Her unique experiences ensure that you will receive current professional assistance that will help you become a more successful editor.

Super Editor: Personal Professional Development at it’s Best!

Susan enjoys mentoring and coaching editors, and she will masterfully help you or your staff members fine-tune your craft. She can also serve as a consultant as you design or redesign your publication, create strategies for streamlining your work and professional life, and show you how to navigate a myriad of details that an editor encounters. In a half-day mentoring session we’ll review your publishing strategy, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, set goals and a timeline for accomplishing those goals, discuss changes that can or need to be made, and help you decide how to move forward in your publishing journey. Please contact Susan for more information.



“Susan has an eye for the big picture editorial aspects of purpose, readership, and marketing, and she pairs this with a solid attention to detail. This makes her editorial direction valuable for any team that needs her wisdom.”—Andrea J.

“Susan Mathis delivers! Her articles for our publication are consistently well written and on target. I appreciate her keen insight and positive attitude, too.” —Jackie J.

“Susan writes beautifully with wisdom, authenticity, and compassion—and her heart for people shines through.” —Brandy B.



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