Happy Valentines Day from me!

Happy Valentine’s Day! To all of you who read my blog and my stories and inspire me to keep on writing, I want to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. There’s a special place in my heart for YOU.

I want to pass on a bit of Valentine’s love and appreciation to you—all of you who have stood with me, encourage me, read my blogs, and spur me on. Writing is a long and winding road, but you have been there and I appreciate your friendship more than you know.

And you can celebrate with me. With you in mind, I just finished my second novel and have two publishers looking at it. Please pray the right publisher picks it up.

As you probably know, my first two books, written with my wonderful husband, are non-fiction premarital books, Countdown for Couples and The ReMarriage Adventure. My next two are children’s picture books, Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya and Princess Madison’s Rainbow Adventure, inspired my two of my four granddaughters and my third granddaughter is itching for a book of her own. Yikes! If you haven’t seen them, please click on the tabs of my website to check them out.

The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy is my first novel, and I’m sticking with historical fiction. It’s just so much fun. My hubby says that creating stories is my playground and he’s right. I’m sure the other authors that I feature here on this blog feel the same way.

The work of writing is often a lonely one, but when people like you connect with me—whether through a blog post comment, a Facebook “like”or comment, a retweet, or personal interaction of some kind—well, that makes my day, week, and sometimes my month! Thank you.

To my husband who gives me the space and time to keep on keeping on. Thank you!

To my critique group who massages the story over and over again until it is just right. Thanks a bunch.

To my Beta Readers and writing colleagues who faithfully gave me honest feedback, even when that feedback is tough. Thanks for your input.

To my friends and family who inspire me, cheer me on, and never given up on me. Thank you!

To all who encourage me through your texts, emails, social media contacts, signing up for my blog, or passing on the word about my work. Thanks a million and please stay in contact. And again, Happy Valentine’s Day to you.



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4 Comments on “Happy Valentines Day from me!

  1. Susan you are enthusiastic, tenacious and persevering with your wonderful gift! You
    Inspire me & challenge me in so many areas.
    Your granddaughters are darlings! I hope the family are settling back
    The tide had turned in Cape Town now with Zuma stepping down
    and rain falling in unseasonal February. We can’t ptaise Our Fathet enough as it is his
    doing as the nation has called out to Him.
    I await a new baby boy in a few weeks, still lying breech, so needing
    some prayer if you feel so led.Three girls now & this the second grandson.
    A delight!❤️????❤️

    • Great to connect, Ann. Congrats on a new grand baby, and thanks for the kudos. I am blessed and still think of you often. Sending prayers and love.

  2. Hi Sue, I enjoy reading your blog. It has inspired me to follow Rebecca and Felicia’s pleadings for me to write about my life. I have jotted down some memories now and then but have never followed thru with any of them. They are encouraging me to seek your advice. I would appreciate hearing from you.

    This is the first Valentine’s day since your mother rose into Heaven. I know how sad you must feel and I do too because Mary Graham Goodwin Dowe was my dearest and closest friend….I miss her very much!

    I am very pleased with what you have done so far in your lifetime and know you will have continued success.
    Keep on trucking, it suits you fine.

    Adeline Piccoli Rockko

    • Thanks, Adeline. I am thrilled that I have inspired you, and thanks for you comments about Mom. She was an awesome woman and I miss her every day. Hugs

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