This Child

Unknown-1We just enjoyed a month-long holiday, at least I did. We’ve pondered the Babe in the manger and God’s Word becoming flesh and living with us. We’ve thought about Him growing up and becoming the Savior of the world.

But where did we find all those truths, and what do we do with it all? In the tattered pages of God’s Word. It’s really true, all of it, and those sacred words about the Christmas story and all of redemption’s story still rings true just as much today as it did 2,000 years ago.

Even though I now read the Bible mostly on my iPhone and iPad, the words are living and breathing, and they change me day-by-day. So at the start of this year, I am looking to God’s truth to transform me, strengthen me, and make me all He wants me to be.

As you read the words of this powerful song, I pray they will close out the holiday season and start 2017 with truth that will last.

Tattered Pages

by Shannon J. Wexelberg

The Word became flesh

God came from heaven

Mercy and grace

Walking with us

The promise of God

Sacred words written

Here in this Babe

Messiah had come

He spoke the worlds into space

And His words are living today

(In) these tattered pages

They’re calling me home

Living and breathing

Ancient words pleading

“Come to the Savior You’re not alone”

Love’s greatest story

Heaven came for me

And this gift of mercy

Changed who I am

Hope of the Ages

In these tattered pages

Close to my heart

Each word a treasure

Like honey so sweet

I cannot deny

Love found me here

Though my heart was severed

So wide and so deep

Love brought me to life

This child – who is King and a Friend

Is Living Word speaking again

Ancient and true

They are old, they are new

They can find you, find you

There is no hole

So dark that His words can’t revive you

Making all things new

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  1. One of my hopes is that I would live 2017 the way God has planned for me. Whatever His will may be. I would also pray my grandsons would grow up to love the Lord.

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