Coming soon! Love at a Lighthouse series

Three amazing Thousand Islands stories set in lighthouses. Check them out!

Book One

Libby’s Lighthouse

Tibbetts Point Lighthouse

Summer, 1894

When a lighthouse keeper’s daughter finds a mysterious sailor with amnesia, the secrets she uncovers may change her life forever.

Elizabeth Montonna, daughter of the Tibbett’s Point Lighthouse keeper, thought she’d love the lighthouse life forever—until her mother, on her deathbed, reveals a long-buried secret. Now Elizabeth’s world has been turned upside down, making her question if she’ll ever truly belong and be loved. But when a dashing young sailor appears on her shore, wounded and disoriented, she finds purpose in helping him recover. Although the man knows nothing about his past or identity, his kindness and character steal a little more of her heart each day. If only she knew his full name.

When Owen awakes on the shore of Lake Ontario with no knowledge of who he is, or where he was headed when his ship wrecked, he has no choice but to accept the hospitality of the lighthouse keeper and his lovely daughter. But as Owen works to repay their kindness, and his relationship with Libby turns into something more, he knows their budding romance can go no further until he uncovers his past. With each passing day, Owen inches closer to discovering the secrets of his identity, but will the revelations bring him closer to Libby or tear them apart forever? 

Book Two

Julia’s Joy

Sister Island Lighthouse

Summer 1894

William Dodge, lightkeeper of Sister Island, harbors a heart hardened by a past betrayal. Scarred by chronic pleurisy and disinterested in love, William’s world turns upside down when Julia arrives on the island bursting with vitality and unconventional notions. Julia challenges William’s reluctance to love again, sparking fresh hope for a future with her. But just as he dares to dream again, Julia contemplates marrying another.

Julia Collins reluctantly sets foot on Sister Island, compelled by her wealthy grandmother’s will. Intent on claiming her inheritance and moving on, Julia undergoes a life-changing journey as she is confronted with her own lack of faith and lingering anger over her parents’ demise. When she experiences the peaceful, faith-filled life that William and his mother enjoy, and she helps in the rescue many lives during a steamer-and-barge collision, Julia discovers a profound love for the lighthouse life, the river’s embrace, and the lightkeeper, William. Then, she faces with a tempting proposal to join a prominent family in Brockville, and Julia must choose between societal expectations and the newfound richness of her island existence.


Book Three

Emma’s Engagement

Rock Island Lighthouse

Summer 1894

Emma Row embarks on a journey that will test her resilience and love. She marries Michael Diepolder, the Rock Island Lightkeeper and widower, a man who seeks a companion for both himself and his twelve-year-old daughter, Ada. But as she steps into the role of lightkeeper’s wife with a heart full of hope, little does she know that the idyllic setting conceals challenges that will shake the foundation of her newfound happiness. Isolation creeps in, compounded by Ada’s determination to keep her father all to herself. As a storm looms, Emma must grapple with the difficulties of being a stepmother and lightkeeper’s wife. Will she find her place, or will the tumultuous waves of doubt and isolation tear their newfound happiness apart?

For Michael, Emma is not just a wife but the hope for his future. But the lighthouse life and being a stepmother proves harder for Emma than he ever imagined, and Ada’s animosity only intensifies it. When the lighthouse inspector questions Emma’s place due to her Canadian heritage and Ada become deathly ill, the very foundation of their family is shaken. Can their family find solace and unity on this tiny island?

Amid the swirling tempest of challenges, Emma, Michael, and Ada must discover the strength within themselves and each other to weather the storm. Emma’s Engagement is a poignant tale of love, resilience, and the enduring bonds that can form in the most unexpected places. This fictional story is based on the actual lives of Michael and Emma Diepolder.




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