The Thousand Islands Photo Gallery

The St. Lawrence River’s magnificent Thousand Islands in upstate NY ¬†is the¬†setting for my Thousand Islands Gilded Age novels!

I hope you enjoy these photos of Pullman Island, Dark Island, and beautiful views of the St. Lawrence River!

Pullman Island, summer home to George Pullman and family

Wolfe Island, Canada, is the largest of the Thousand Islands and the partial setting for The Fabric of Hope and Christmas Charity.

A peaceful Thousand Islands setting on Wolfe Island.

The Tibbetts Lighthouse on the shore of Cape Vincent, NY, and the setting for Christmas Charity.

Cape Vincent, NY.

The Towers on Dark Island. Now called Singer Castle, a beautiful Thousand Islands castle you can tour.

The Towers on Dark Island. Now called Singer Castle, setting for book 2 of the Thousand Islands Gilded Age series. More soon…

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  1. […] Susan: I grew up in the Thousand Islands and there are so many wonderful stories to tell. The Thousand Islands Gilded Age is full of wonderful islands and characters like George Pullman, Frederick Bourne, and hundred of famous people like J.P. Morgan, Vanderbilt and others. So I aim to tell at least some of them. You can see photos of the Thousand Islands here: […]

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