Preparing for the Adventure of Change

stock-photo-4890702-couple-holding-handsIt’s a new year, and I suspect there will be many changes in store for all of us—the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly. Whether it’s in relationships, parenting, careers, schooling, church, moving, or more, each of us will likely face lots of changes in 2016. But how do we handle the changes that come our way?

I sure haven’t dealt with change perfectly. Sometimes I’ve done okay; other times I’ve dealt with a change rather pathetically. But, by God’s grace, I’ve always trusted that God truly had me on a great adventure. Somehow I understood that these times of change were just chapters in my bigger story, so I hung in there until I could turn the page.

Sometimes, I dug in my heels and merely endured it and, frankly, I didn’t learn the lessons that a situation was meant to teach me. Most of the time, though, I embraced the things that God brought my way and allowed the challenges and changes of life to transform, at least parts of me, into the woman he wants me to become. It’s rarely been easy, and I know that he’s not done with me yet.

Though change is a natural and normal part of life, it rarely feels natural or normal. So how do we handle change? When something changes, are we ready to walk through it, get to the other side, and set a good example for our children—or for anyone who is watching? Do we know how to maintain our integrity, our faith, our peace, and our joy, even when unexpected changes come our way? Change truly is an adventure, and it’s best to prepare for it as best we can.

What changes might you face this year? I’d love to know and will pray for you. Please leave a comment and stay in touch. Blessings!

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