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Ava Pennington is an author, speaker, freelance editor, and certified writing and speaking coach. She teaches a weekly Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class. Ava received an Adult Bible Studies certificate from Moody Bible Institute and is trained as a Precepts Ministries instructor. She is the author of Reflections on the Names of God: 180 Devotions to Know God More Fully, and has contributed to numerous magazines and anthologies.

Tell us about your newest book.

Reflections on the Names of God: 180 Devotions to Know God More Fully (Revell Books, 2022) is a hard cover gift book devotional. Every name and attribute of God reveals something about His character and His ways. This devotional explores each of 60 names and attributes of God from 3 individual perspectives: who God is, how this name or attribute changes us, and how it changes our relationships.

What inspired you to write Reflections on the Names of God: 180 Devotions to Know God More Fully?

I’ve always been curious about the many names of God in the Bible. Some were familiar, such as Yahweh Jireh, The Lord Will Provide. But others were confusing, like Yahweh Nissi, The Lord My Banner. And then there were names that sounded frightening, such as when God referred to Himself as a Consuming Fire. The bottom line is that I wanted to learn what God said about Himself and why He chose these particular descriptions. Since I belonged to Him, it was important to me to understand who I belong to!

How would you describe this book to someone in a 30-second blurb?

Every name God calls Himself and every name His people have called Him holds clues to who He is, how He relates to His children, and the promises He has made—and kept. Reflections on the Names of Godoffers you a wonderful opportunity to spend time each day getting to know God more intimately by exploring His names and attributes. These life-changing devotions will help you discover something new about who God is, who you are, and how you relate to others.

What genre do you focus on?

My writing focuses mostly on several sub genres of nonfiction. I write devotions, Christian living articles, and books for the Christian market. I also write inspirational personal experience stories for general market books and have been published in 29 volumes of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Why do you write?

I’m excited at the things I’m learning from God’s Word. My ministry is summarized by the phrase, “Applying truth to deepen faith.” In a world where truth is considered relative, now more than ever it’s critical to apply the truths in God’s Word to our lives. But writing from a biblical worldview doesn’t need to be preachy. Rather, I write from the perspective of one traveler sharing her journey with fellow travelers on the same road of life.

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

The best part is the feedback from readers. An email or snail-mail note telling me how God used a devotion, book, or article to minister to them means so much. That feedback encourages me to persevere during the dry times.

What’s one unusual fact about you?

I once stopped a pickpocket on the streets of New York City. Walking through the financial district during my lunch hour, I noticed a man following close behind a woman ahead of me. He dipped his hand into her coat pocket and pulled out her wallet. I shouted an alarm, she turned and he was caught with it in his hand. He handed the wallet to her and said she had dropped it. Then he disappeared into the crowd. This all happened in the span of a few seconds. I eventually wrote up the event for a story that was published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

I’ve learned to be more vulnerable, writing with greater transparency and authenticity. This happened gradually as I learned to let down my guard to share the lessons God taught me so others wouldn’t have to learn the way I did: the hard way!

What is your favorite pastime?

I enjoy gardening, reading, and playing with my nine-year-old boxer. She behaves more like a nine-month-old puppy and is way too smart for my own good! I’ve written about a few of her antics for Chicken Soup for the Soul books, too!

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on a manuscript about the fruit of the Spirit. For those who would like to keep up with the progress of this book, I invite you to subscribe to my e-newsletter through my website:



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