Why Life, Love, and Legacy?

I-dont-write-these-blogsAs many of you have noticed, and commented, I’ve revised my blog to talk about topics around life, love, and leaving a legacy. But why have I made this change? Because all three matter to me.

Life? Yes, that’s a broad category, but for me, life is about spiritual things—growing closer to God, touching others’ lives with His love, and becoming more like Him. It entails speaking and writing to bring life to others, and it’s a primary calling for me. When I write, I want life to come out of the words I put on paper. And when I speak, I want to bless people with my words.

Love? As you know, Tyndale Publisher has published two of our premarital books, and my husband and I are passionate about helping couples prepare for the adventure of marriage and remarriage. But I also deal with marriage, divorce, arranged marriages, and loving your spouse well in my novels—and in life. So love will be an ongoing topic you’ll read about regularly.

And Legacy? Ah, blame it on my three beautiful granddaughters! I had no idea that becoming a grandma would cause me to consider the importance of leaving a lasting legacy, making a mark on the next generation, and proactively pouring into their lives as it’s done. Yet it’s also caused me to look back at the past and see what kind of legacy came before me—whether good or bad. And then, when I began to write historical fiction, well, that cast a whole new light on how people lived, what kind of legacy they left, and why we need to intentionally leave a legacy of love, peace, hope, and faith for our loved ones.

So there you have it, and while these are my plans, I’d like to know what you would like to hear about. I don’t write these blogs for me—they are for YOU! So talk to me. What would you like to hear about? I’d love to know!



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