Great Expectations

imagesAs I booked my flights for the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) confererence, it dawned on me. I’ve been going to writers conferences for over 15 years, but this is the first time I’ve solely gone as a writer!

I’ve been on the faculty for dozens of conferences. I’ve taught workshops, had appointments with writers, sat on the other side of the table from those trembling, nervous writers hoping I’ll say “yes” to some of their writing. Now I’ll be on that side of the table. Wow!

I’m especially excited about this conference. It’s the first one that’s completely for fiction writers, and now that I’ve made the transition from non-fiction writing to writing novels, I can’t wait to be in the thick of things with like-minded creatives.

So I took a few minutes to assess my expectations in hopes it’ll help me (and you when you attend a conference) to be realistic about my expectations and prepared for the adventure of the conference. Here goes:

I expect to have a blast! I’ve always enjoyed the excitement, energy, and fun of conferences, so now that I don’t have to teach or have meetings all day, I expect to soak it all in and enjoy the journey.

I expect that I’ll learn so much in the general meetings and in the workshops and as I meet people that I’ll nearly burst with new knowledge. As a lifetime learner who thrives on learning, fill me up, and away I’ll go. I can’t wait!

I expect I’ll meet a whole bunch of kindred spirits. Since we writers are a unique lot, it’ll be awesome to renew friendships, meet new friends, and connect with like-minded folks who just want to serve God through their writing.

I expect that I’ll be a bit nervous when I meet with the editors who are or will be looking at my first completed novel. Though I’ve been on that side of the table, this will be new to me, but I’m still looking forward to it.

I expect I’ll recharge my batteries even though I’ll get little sleep and be exhausted by the time I leave. There’s nothing more energizing than inspiring speakers, great worship, making new friends, and experiencing a conference to keep me up at night, get my creative juices flowing, and recharge my imagination.

I expect to have good food, great conversations, and divine moments.

I expect to participate in some great times of worship and prayer and moments with God.

I expect I’ll have some new adventures, new experiences, and new inspirations that I can’t even imagine.

All I can say is…bring it on!

What is the best part of going to a writers conference for you? I’d love to know!



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