Welcome Baby Devyn!

b8c7b1f61e1df5388791e1d3ed3cbc21My heart is overflowing! My third granddaughter, Devyn Arielle, was born today, April 4th, in South Africa. Her arrival was the best birthday gift I’ve ever received, bar none!

It’s been a long nine months, but she’s finally here. When I heard the news, my heart danced with excitement and joy! I can’t wait to see her on Skype  and—not soon enough—meet her in person.

When I look at God’s amazing creation in the beautiful gift of a tiny baby, I can’t help but praise Him for the wonder I behold. And because it’s my own grandchild, my joy bubbles over to everyone around! A new human life is truly the most amazing part of creation, and as her grama, the awe and wonder of it all can be simply overwhelming.

Who will she become? What has God created her to do? What will this new life hold? How will being a “missionary kid” in South Africa affect her and make her into the person she’ll become? There are so many huge questions for such a little life.

As the third girl in this beautiful bundle of grandchildren, my prayer is that little Devyn will find camaraderie, compassion, and kindness in her family circle. I pray that she and her sisters will be best friends and that sweet Devyn will come to know the uniquenesses and purpose God has put deep within her.

The world that Devyn just entered is not an easy one, so she’ll need lots of prayer to become the person God wants her to be. As one who loves her dearly, I will pray for this child every single day of my life, and I will enjoy watching these questions get answered.

What kinds of prayers do you pray when you see a new little life? I’d love to know.


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  1. Congratulations, Susan! And a doubly blessed birthday to you both! So happy for you! When are you headed to South Africa?

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