Love Came for Me

02bb46c933ce8eb494ba253f3e1fdba9As I’ve been decorating and baby proofing my home in eager expectation of my daughter, son-in-law, and three sweet granddaughters coming all the way from South Africa, I crank the Christmas music and enjoy the season. But more than the touching and cheery tunes, I hear some profound lyrics in many of the songs of the season.

“Love Came for Me” by Shannon Wexelberg is one of those songs that touch me every time I hear it. It makes the Christmas season deeply person and puts Christmas into a 30,000-foot perspective that we all need to hear. Enjoy, and remember why He came.


Love Came for Me By Shannon Wexelberg

If You had not come, Tender baby King

And humbly left Your throne to reach someone like me

If You had not walked upon this broken ground

Where on earth would I be now?

If You had not come

If You had not come to seek the sick and lame

To set the captive free, to break the prisoners chains

I’d still be in the dark, grappling for the door

Longing for some way, somehow

Love came for me, Love rescued me

Love called my name, Love took my place

Sweet Lamb of God, I’m bowing down

My eyes have seen

I’m finally free

Love came for me

If You had not come, willing, spotless Lamb

My sin would be too much for You to take me as I am

But, oh, the blood of Christ that washes over me

Flowing from Your hands and feet

Don’t have to worry where I’d be

(repeat chorus)

This manger King

My everything

Love came for me

C/2010 Shanny Banny Music / BMI

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