God-given Words

proverbs-2212-bible-verse-of-the-day-1-638“The eyes of the Lord keep watch over knowledge, but he frustrates the words of the unfaithful,” Proverb 22:12.


Let’s admit it. Have you ever felt frustrated, trying to find the right word as you talk with a friend or work on your manuscript? I sure have. It’s a part of the human condition, and there are scores of books dedicated to communicating with others productively and writing well.

But what about this scripture as it pertains to communicating well, whether verbally or in writing? The Lord watches over knowledge? What a thought!

Could this mean that all the knowledge that is already inside you—as it aligns with God’s word—is carefully and vigilantly cared for, even guarded by the spirit of God? That’s an empowering thought. All of the sermons you’ve heard, the scripture you’ve faithfully read, the Bible studies you’ve attended—all that biblical truth is safely tucked away in your heart and mind just waiting to be spoken or written? Can it be?

I think God honors faithfulness and just waits to take the power of His word, plop it on the page or put it in a conversation to bring life to those words, if only we would let Him. To think that He watches over all the knowledge we have and the words we speak or write just waiting to empower us to use them for His good—oh what a beautiful thought!

But when we’re trying to write or speak on our own, that’s when the frustration hits us. And ultimately, that’s His mercy. He wants us to use only that which gives life and breathes on the page or in a conversation.

Yet how often do we speak or write in our own strength and find ourselves at a lost for words, frustrated and dumbfounded? That’s when we need to return to the One who has the truth and knowledge and will fill us up so we can keep on going, not in our own strength but in His.

When have you felt God give you words? I’d love to know!




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