Catch the Vision

images-5How can we nurture the vision to share God’s love—in whatever way He’s called us to? When we’re in relationship with someone, we naturally and effortlessly share about what we love, right?

You talk about—or write about—what fills your soul with passion. You might talk about your mate, your kids, or your grandkids. You might share about your passion for hiking or tennis or golf. But if you love God, why not share about your relationship with Him just as freely?

I know. Our culture frowns on that all too often. They make it seem like mentioning God is an intrusion, and they are sure to let you know you’re politically incorrect if you do. But as believers, we simply need to catch the vision that’s beyond what “they” think. Who are “they” anyway?

So as you work on catching the vision to proclaim your love for God and His love for us a little more often, avoid the negative attitudes of others and minimize the critics and cynics. Be free to share your love of God!

Make time to be alone with God, to catch His vision for what you need to say and who you need to say it to. Find supporters, mentors, and trusted friends who will share your vision, and practice on them. And establish a routine of doing it regularly and naturally. Set some personal goals, and find your comfort zone in sharing God’s truth regularly.

What will help you do that? A once a week personal assignment? A sticky note on your dashboard? An iCalendar appointment? A vision statement you write out and post? Do what you need to do to nurture your vision for sharing God with others.

Read something inspirational, and ponder it while you take a walk or rest. And pray. Ask God to help you meet the right people at the right time and say the right thing. He’s faithful and wants to guide you along your journey!

How do you keep your vision for sharing the Gospel fresh and alive? I’d love to know.


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