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back coverToday I’d like to give you a deeper look into Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya, my debut illustrated storybook for children, ages four to eight. It’s the first book in my Love Series Storybooks about 1 Corinthians 13.

What’s more fun than going on an exciting adventure with a friend to a far-away place—and explore an interesting culture while learning how to love others as God does?

This beautiful watercolor picture book tells the story of a little girl and her family who travel to Kenya, Africa, to visit missionaries and the Maasai tribe. Lexie learns to be patient meets a mischievous boy who becomes a bully to her.

In the book you’ll also meet:

  • Mutaka–a Maasai boy who bullies Lexie
  • The Bordens—Missionaries to the Maasai—Mr. and Mrs. Borden and their two boys, Jesse and Trevor
  • Lexie’s family—her father who travels around the globe helping missionaries, her mother and her little brother, Cori
  • The Maasai—an African tribe in Kenya who have many interesting cultural uniquesses
  • A sneaky snake—and more African animals.

With The Love Series, children and adults can snuggle up together and learn how to live out 1 Corinthians 13 principles while they enjoy adventures around the globe. I hope you’ll find your new friends to be a special part of your lives!

Lexie’s Adventure in Kenya is available on Amazon now!

And please leave a review of the book. It’s really quite simple. Just tell others what you liked about the book…the characters? the illustrations? Lexie learning to be patient? The lesson in bullying? The sneaky snake?

What do you think of this book? I’d love to know!




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