Peyton’s Promise: God in Social Change?

Have you ever struggled with waiting for God to change something, whether in your personal life or in the culture? Peyton sure did! Here’s an excerpt from Peyton’s Promise. Hope you’ll grab a copy and enjoy…the rest of the story!

Patrick’s brow quirked, and bobbed his chin. “I have to ask—and please don’t be angry with me.” He paused and held her gaze, apparently making sure she wouldn’t explode. “Where is your faith that God will change things in His own good time?” He swallowed, licking his lips and sucking in a deep breath as if to gain courage. “You cannot fight what society deems right, Peyton Pie. They will ridicule you. They’ll whisper in the streets. You’ll be ostracized from here to New York City.”

Peyton waved a hand of dismissal. “Oh, I’ve already endured three years of that. I’m used to it. But men live such exciting, rewarding lives, free from social constraints, and women cannot. Men can talk about business and politics and enjoy every new-fangled invention of the day without a thought of ridicule. They can do anything without others whispering, accusing, condemning. Yet as women, we are relegated to the home and nothing more.”

Patrick held her gaze. “I can see where that could be frustrating.”

And that was all he had to say? She bit her lip. “Don’t you see? It takes sacrifice to change things. We women have been ignored for too long. We are looking forward to a time when every little girl is equal to every little boy. We don’t want to be lawbreakers—we want to be lawmakers. We just want to define our own destiny.”

 “Thank you. I may not completely understand, but I’ll try.” He took her hand, and his touch rattled her more than she’d expected. He was her childhood chum, for heaven’s sake! Her heart jumped three beats as her blood rushed to her head, making her woozy. Her cheeks warmed as if she had a fever. What was the matter with her?

Peyton slipped her hand from his and stepped back. “I’m not a radical like Susan B. Anthony, but I do have an open mind to hope for a better tomorrow. And I cannot be the wimpy, whiny, submissive woman who hides in her home and tends babies. I shall likely continue to work and become an old maid like Aunt Bess. I must keep working, and if I marry, my husband must allow that as well as the freedom to learn, even though I shall be glad to nurture my family as well.”

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