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Felicia achieved master’s degrees in Healthcare Administration and Speech-Language Pathology but has written since childhood. An award-winning fiction and non-fiction freelance writer, she has previously published devotions with Christian Devotions and Inkspirations and women’s fiction with End Game Press. Her radio devotional, Build Faith for the Journey, airs Saturdays on Christian Mix 106. When she’s not glued to her laptop, Felicia enjoys hiking, meandering with her twelve-year-old Frenchie, and looking forward to the next story.


Tell us about your newest book.

This is a cold-case robbery and murder wrapped up in a second chance romance.

What inspired you to write When Secrets Come Calling)?

The idea actually came from a fanfiction piece I wrote for a fandom I follow, inspired by a minor character in the series. But there are no similarities in this book and the show’s actual story canon.

How would you describe this book to someone in a 30-second blurb?

When former University of Alabama and Titans wide receiver Dax Carpenter learns his father is accused of a forty-year-old robbery and murder, he turns to the only person he trusts to discover the truth: his ex-girlfriend, Caitlin Fitzhugh.

Caitlin, a cold-case specialist with the Alabama State Division of Investigations, wants nothing to do with the case or Dax. Not only is the evidence against Dax’s father already condemning, she can’t risk having her heart broken—again.

As the secrets of both their pasts unfold, they discover whether Dax’s father truly robbed and murdered a man forty years ago but also why Caitlin ended their relationship. Secrets that could drive a wedge between them, forever.

What genre do you focus on?

I started out focusing on women’s fiction, but with this book and the two following (stand-alone), I have moved into the romantic suspense genre. When I write, the characters tell me their stories and the genre somehow find them.

Why do you write?

Writing is like breathing to me. It is a part of me and a way to serve on the mission field and help women heal from their tragedies, traumas, and heartbreaks. Through fiction, readers can walk in the characters’ shoes and come away with empathy and understanding for themselves and others.

Who is your main character, and how did you choose that name?

Caitlin Fitzhugh and Maddox “Dax” Carpenter are my main characters. When I start writing, my main characters always name themselves. The minor characters are the ones who require searches of baby name and demographic websites.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing a book?

I’m a morning writer, so after my morning devotions and tea, I’m at my laptop around 7 am with a protein ball for breakfast. I’ll write until 10 or so and take a break to walk the fur-child, then get back to it until lunch time. When I’m muddling through the middle, I often hit the keyboard after lunch for a few more words.

What is the hardest part of being an author?

Honestly, the marketing. Social media takes up a lot of writing time (both out of procrastination and the need to connect with readers).

What’s the best part of your author’s life?

I get to tell stories that take readers to the deepest parts of my characters’ hearts and hurts and then help them start the healing process.

What’s one thing your readers should know about you?

No matter what genre I write, readers can always count on my books to have a strong female character who works through her baggage and doesn’t just repack it.

How have you changed or grown as a writer?

There are too many ways to mention. I have been tremendously blessed in my mentors, editors, and critiquers. All have helped me to hone my skills.

What is your favorite pastime?

Writing or binge watching one of my favorite TV shows.

Do you have other books? We’d love to know.

My first forays into writing books was The Paths We Walk series. There’s two books now and a third will one day be written to finalize the series. The Choices She Made was my third book and it won several awards last year.

What are you working on now?

My 2025 release will go to my developmental editor in July, and I’m diving into historical Colorado with my current work-in-progress, a prequel to my last finished manuscript which will release in 2026.


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