10 Commandments for Christmas (Part Two)

How can we apply the 3rd and 4th Commandments to our busy American Christmas season? Let’s see. Commandment 3: Don’t misuse God’s name It’s easy to sing Christmas carols and not even notice what we are singing. The… Read More

10 Commandments for Christmas (Part One)

Recently I’ve been studying the Ten Commandments and trying to apply them to my 21st century world. Yet as the holidays approached, I faced with a whole new set of decisions. How could I apply the Ten Commandments… Read More

A Honeymoon That Never Ends

Remember how thrilling your dating days were? And what about those happy honeymoon memories? I bet you wished it would never end, right? Well, it really doesn’t. Though you may not be able to stay on the cruise or… Read More

Copping an Attitude

I recently heard a thought-provoking quote: “Attitude is the librarian of our past, the speaker of our present, and the prophet of our future.” As we work with couples, we often find “attitudes” to be sticking points, so… Read More

A Marriage Made for More

What would marriage look like if we applied John 10:10 to it? “I have come that they may have life, and have life to the full.” When a couple walks down the aisle on their wedding day, it’s… Read More

Blending Family Movies

There are lots of ways to start discussions with your children about remarriage and blending your family. One way is to watch some of the following blending family movies* together and then talk about the good, the bad,… Read More

Committed for Life

In our living room is a symbol Dale and I used in our wedding. It’s a 3-fold cord of red, white and gold. For us, it symbolizes that commitment we made to marriage was not just between the… Read More

Making Time For Each Other

Couples tend to get so busy running the kids here and there that they let their private couple time fall to the wayside. But that’s not healthy for your marriage. “We have to be intentional about making time… Read More

A Servant’s Heart

The presence of a “servant’s heart” tells you much about your mate. But the lack of it can be a real problem. If he or she is overly self centered, selfish, or inconsiderate of you and others—or if… Read More

Catch the Vision

How can we nurture the vision to share God’s love—in whatever way He’s called us to? When we’re in relationship with someone, we naturally and effortlessly share about what we love, right? You talk about—or write about—what fills… Read More