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Would you like a mentor to guide you in your writing journey or help with your writing project? If you have clicked on this page, then most likely, you and Susan are kindred spirits. You love to write, and you may even hope to be published, whether through a traditional publisher or self-publishing.

Susan can help you get started, help you grow in your writing life, or assist you with your editing needs. She can also help you achieve a publishing goal or serve you with any other writing needs you may have.

Susan has over twenty years of experience and expertise as a published author, editing a variety of books, and directing editorial content for a dozen magazines and newsletters. Her skills in book editing, copyediting, content editing, and proofreading can serve you well and help move your project from good to great. Check out Susan’s menu of services and then contact her to discuss how she can help.


Editing Services

As a professional editor, Susan can help you with your editing needs:

  • Book Manuscripts. Got a novel or a nonfiction book in the works? Susan can help you move your book manuscript along, edit it for submission, and recommend ways to get it published.
  • Book Proposals. It’s a bold, new world out there, and publishers want to see a polished and professional book proposal. Susan can help you create one that will show you and your project in the very best light possible.
  • Magazine Articles. Got an idea for a magazine article, or have you been working on one but don’t know what to do next? As a former editorial director of twelve professional magazines and newsletters, Susan can help you learn how to write a memorable article, edit it for publication, and recommend ways to get it published.

The Basics. Depending on how polished your manuscript is, here are three basic levels of editing Susan can provide:

  • Developmental Editing. Susan will work with you to get your project ready to self-publish or submit to a publisher. First, she will review all the big picture content and development aspects, including a comprehensive review of the book’s purpose, concepts, development, style, clarity, audience appropriateness, organization, effectiveness, etc. Then she will provide a complete content and substantive edit. Susan will also do a final review to make sure it’s ready to publish.
  • Content Editing. This edit includes substantive, line editing (below) plus readability, restructuring, revision of text, consistency check, and more.
  • Substantive Editing/Line Editing/Proofreading. There are a lot of terms for this, but it basically means that Susan will catch errors in grammar, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. She will also give you suggestions for word changes and ideas for readability rewrites.


Manuscript Critiques

Since the editorial quality of your writing will determine your success as a writer, Susan’s wide range of expertise in the publishing industry can make your work stand out. Editors and readers expect grammatically sound and error free reading, but this can be a daunting task.

Susan will be happy to critique either a book or article manuscript. She will provide you with a general assessment of the publishing readiness, possibilities, and cautions if needed. Then she will evaluate the quality of your writing and provide a sample edit (1500 words), so you can see what you need to revise, reword, etc.

  • Book critique: Susan will review your proposal and the first two chapters of your book, give you expert feedback, make suggestions for improvement, provide tips for revisions, and suggest resources to help you on your writing journey.
  • Article critique: Susan will review your query letter and article manuscript, giving you expert feedback, suggestions for improvement, ideas for revisions, and resources to help you on your writing journey.


Tailor-Made Intensive (or Personally Crafted Intensive)

Do you have a specific project, problem, or challenge you’re facing in your writing? Do you need a coach, mentor, and motivator to help you move forward? Susan will tailor a one-hour, half- or whole-day one-on-one session to meet your unique needs.

  • In a one-hour mentoring session, Susan will address some of the concerns you may have in your journey of writing. Whether it’s clarifying your writing purpose, developing your publishing vision, setting goals, or discovering the next steps in your writing life, Susan will help you move forward in your writing.
  • In a half-day mentoring session Susan will address your unique challenges or concerns regarding your writing manuscript, project, or goals. Then she’ll provide tools that enable you to grow in your writing.
  • In a whole-day session, we’ll go deeper still, tackling your writing project head on together as a team.


Coaching a Writer

Do you want to write professionally (for pay)—or just become a better writer (as a blogger or whatever)—yet you don’t know where to start or lack confidence? As a teacher, coach, consultant, mentor, and motivator, Susan will give you a foundation that will lead you to become all you’re designed to be as a writer!

As a professional writing coach and consultant, Susan can help you develop your writing project idea, help you move it forward, get organized, guide you in creating an outline, show you how to create a book proposal—you name it and Susan can help you do it!

In a half-day or whole-day coaching session called, “the ABCs of Professional Writing,” Susan will personally mentor you, getting you past your fears or concerns, taking you and your writing to the next level, and helping you move forward in your writing journey. You will discover the secrets of writing for a specific purpose and/or publication, understand the tools of the trade, and become confident in your writing journey. You’ll also learn where to start in the professional writing process, how to work with a publication and/or editor, and where to find help as you continue on your way to becoming a successful writer.

Susan can also help you with other writing needs such as:

  • Preparing a query letter or a book proposal
  • Learning how to work with an editor and/or publisher
  • Establishing a writing system and setting writing goals.
  • Collaborating with you to help you write your story or memoir.


For you outside of Colorado Springs,

we can have a successful intensive or coaching session over Skype or FaceTime.



“Through the journey of Susan editing my book, she has proven to not only have an eye for ingenious editing, but she also has a God-inspired touch when it comes to authorship and editorial coaching.” —Julie B.

“The fact that Susan is not only a gifted author, but also a caring, dedicated, compassionate person helps her choose just the right words and makes her a pleasure to work with. She makes it clear that she cares deeply about the authors and projects that she works with.”—Lindsay T.

“Susan brings years of teaching experience and editorial skill to her coaching and consulting services, offering the very best of both her personal and professional expertise.” —Pam W.

“The insight, techniques, and critical thinking I learned from Susan in a short time with her, gave me the confidence and ability to complete an entire book project!”—Melissa E.


Contact Susan today for pricing and a free 15-minute writing assessment.



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