Celebrating Motherhood

Sometimes it’s a challenge, at best, to really celebrate Mother’s Day. Like me, your kids may be away or your mother might be on the other side of the country. And that can bring a bit of sadness, even feeling sorry for yourself for a minute or two. It’s not so much fun when you don’t have little ones around or your kids to dine with. Thankfully, there are ways to make it special. You can celebrate in your church community, with your spouse, or simply enjoy a phone call, a Skype visit, or a walk down memory lane.

This August, my mother will turn 90. She’s had her challenges, but she’s been a great mother. She’s always taught us about God and modeled her unwavering faith in the midst of her many trials. I appreciate that she hung on to God, no matter what, most of all. What a legacy!

My dad died unexpectedly three months before I was born, and I can’t imagine being 6 month’s pregnant with a 15 month old and grieving for your husband! And during those early years as a single working mother, she faithfully cared for my brother and me with love and lots of patience. She was a good mother, and is a good mother still.

I hope my children will feel the same about me. I love being a mom, a stepmom, and a grandmum (as they say in South Africa). I pray that I leave a lasting legacy for each one of them, as my mother has.

When I look through my photo albums, I remember so many fond moments with my kids. I enjoyed each of their ages and stages—the baby days, toddler times, years of schooling, teen trials, and now their adulthood. I’m now enjoying the season of grandparenting and watching my daughter parent her children. These are times of constant changes, tons of transitions, and sometimes challenging seasons. But that’s life, is it not?

Motherhood is a gift of God that I want to appreciate every day of my life. How about you? What do you appreciate about your mother, about being a mother, or about the mother of your children? I’d love to know.

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