Team Mathis

Dale and I love working together through all the aspects of life. We see our commitment to teamwork as a great asset in accomplishing the stuff of daily life. In fact, we’ve found that maintaining an attitude that puts the team—as a couple—ahead of personal desires really helps us to accomplish much more than we could if we were more concerned about what’s fair and right for me as an individual.

We do just about everything together. I cook and Dale cleans up. We pitch in and do the chores—inside and out. When one of us sees something that needs doing, we just do it, regardless of whose regular job it tends to be. If there’s an errand to run, one of us does it regardless if it’s convenient or not.

And we sure worked well as a team in writing our first two books!

Dale has joined me in working in the church nursery, and we enjoy greeting at church as well. He’s even helped me with my writing projects—posing as my invisible editor and male reader to keep me from getting to girlie gooey in my writing. We are Team Mathis, and I love being a team!

There are times when one of us is busy or sick or tired, and the other has to pick up the slack for a while. But we try to remain flexible—I know there’s nothing Dale wouldn’t do for me, and vice versa. Decisions, chores, and the stuff of daily life is, after all, just stuff.

What kinds of “stuff” do you enjoy doing as a team? I’d love to know.


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