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ServingTogether_7212Besides making God, the Bible, and worship the center of your home life, making church, nature, and respect for life a part of your relationship are all ways to create a Christian culture in your home. But there are other ways to form a biblical family life together and nurture faith in your family, especially with children at home.

Remember and articulate that sex is special. In this sex-saturated culture, it’s important to be intentional about this. Help your kids know that our bodies are good because they are God’s temples and that sexuality is God’s holy plan. Even from a young age, discuss how important it is to take care of our bodies and talk about what God has planned for him or her regarding sex and marriage. Develop a family culture of modesty and seeing sexuality as sacred.

Honor authority. Model respect for authority and help your child understand that he is under God’s authority and under your authority. Teach him to respect the authority in his world by honoring the policemen, firemen, servicemen, teachers, and other authority figures in his life. Talk about the importance of justice, rules, and abiding by the law.

Discipline biblically. Though the trend toward permissive parenting is enticing, what does God say about disciplining your child? Read Proverbs. Memorize some of the verses together. Talk about what it means to bring up a child in the way he should go or that “foolishness is bound up in the heart,” and always discipline with love and kindness.

Serve together. An important part of the Christian life is serving others. Is there an elderly neighbor who needs some help? A young mother who could use a break? A homeless shelter where you can serve together? Sponsor a child. Give to a missionary. Talk about what you can do as a couple and as a family, and participate together.

Explore Christian arts. Music and the arts can be a beautiful way to spread the gospel. Gi to the symphony, a concert, or play at a local church. Attend an Easter or Christmas production. Sing and make music to the Lord together, and talk about God’s creative gifts that He gives to His children. Encourage your children to make and give creative gives, art projects, or drawings to grandparents or others in your church or in a nursing home.

Discover your calling. God has a special plan for each of us. As we walk out our calling, we model that our life is not our own. And then we can help our child understand how God made him and the gifts God has given him, we can guide our child into discerning what God has planned for him, what vocation he may be gifted for, and how he can fulfill God’s call on his life.

There are endless ways to create a Christian culture at home in this very unchristian world. How do you do it? I’d love to know.



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