Find Your Funny Bone Again

images-4In the busyness, stresses, and responsibilities of family life, couples as well as parents can easily get too serious and forget to make family life a fun, winsome, and pleasant experience. The Bible says, a merry heart is like medicine, so intentionally reengage your funny bone. Make fun and laughter a part of your family life.

Keep a joke book or riddle book handy. During dinner, tell a joke or read a riddle. Have a contest to see who can write family-focused jokes or riddles (as long as they don’t hurt each other).

Be goofy. Children can recognize when something is amiss, so be silly. Put your shoe to your ear like it was a phone. Call daddy “mommy”. Couples can be goofy too—be like a little child, and have a good laugh.

Slapstick humor. Trip up the stairs, pretend to sleep and snore, pretend to drink from baby’s bottle. Kids may roll their eyes but they still enjoy it.

Diffuse a fight. Take a step back from an escalating battle and turn it into a funny situation. Your child doesn’t want to put on his shoes? Pretend to put them on your ears. Make it fun and funny instead of a war of wills.

Toss it out. When a frustrating or irritating situation happens, pretend to throw it out the door, wash it down the drain, or flush it down the toilet. Your child will see that you can be proactive to reject and get rid of situations instead of giving in to them.

Dance together. When music is on, dance your way to the kitchen, or bust a funny move and make each other laugh. Grab your wife or child in your arms and dance together with abandon.

Join the party. Surround yourselves with people who will make you laugh. Have friends over for funny bone fellowship or a laughter lunch. Watch silly videos together (like VeggieTales). Have games on hand that will bring out the fun on a dreary day.

In the midst of the craziness of family life, make happy memories. How do you make fun memories in your family. I’d love to know!



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