Joy in Parenting

My son’s birthday is today, and I rejoice in the gift of his life and the blessing of being his mom. He’s a busy man, managing three restaurants and making his way in this world. He loves to fish and camp and enjoy the great Colorado outdoors, but he always finds time to connect with […]

Celebrating Motherhood

Sometimes it’s a challenge, at best, to really celebrate Mother’s Day. Like me, your kids may be away or your mother might be on the other side of the country. And that can bring a bit of sadness, even feeling sorry for yourself for a minute or two. It’s not so much fun when you […]

Happy Birthday, Madison!

It’s time to celebrate! My granddaughter, Madison Vaughn, was born on May 5th in South Africa. When her mom and dad called to share the news, my heart soared with excitement and joy! I can’t wait to see her on Skype  and—not soon enough—meet her in person. When I look at God’s intricate creation in the […]

Waiting…for my girl to have her girl.

Yesterday, my daughter went into labor a week early—for eight long hours and then it stopped! When she got home and updated me, she was admittedly disappointed, yet she was strong in her faith and secure in His peace. How proud I am of her—as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, and as […]

Easter Joy

“He is risen!” “He is risen, indeed,” I hear you say. Just days after the annual Easter celebration, my heart still rings with the songs of worship and joy, and my mind still ponders the reality of what happened two millennia ago. Again I am reminded that the resurrection was a really big deal! It’s […]