My Favorite (Summertime) Things

Hummingbirds, rainbows, flowers, sunshine, big bright moons, fresh cut grass, boating on the river, swimming in a lake, the smell of rain, the taste of ice cream—these are a few of my favorite (summer) things. I’ll spare you from breaking out in song.

For me, summer is magical. I look forward to each day with anticipation, knowing that Autumn in Colorado will come all too soon, and I treasure each moment.

Everyday I get to enjoy the hummingbirds as they come every few minutes to the feeder. Sometimes they chase one another; other times they sit calmly and peacefully together. When I’m on the deck, they often they fly in, just feet from my face. They hover there, looking at me as if to say, “Thanks for feeding me.” I never tire of their beauty, their play, their tiny little lives. Each one is beautiful and marvelous. They intrigue me. They fill me with joy. They give me pause.

Most days, I remember to stop and smell the flowers and enjoy the afternoon rain showers, and I try to take a moment to see the big bright moon that so fascinates my granddaughter and reminds me of her. And when a rainbow brightens the Colorado sky, I can’t help but feel a thrill. Small things, all, but precious nonetheless.

I suspect that we’re about as small and as interesting to God as the hummingbirds or raindrops or flowers are to us. And I bet He gets even more enjoyment from our lives. Why not? He made us and we are His.

In fact, in Matthew 7, Jesus told us to “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

We are His treasure and His joy, just like the hummingbirds and the flowers and the raindrops are to us. Ponder that, and let it give you pause.

What are your favorite summer things? I’d love to know.

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