Happy Birthday Blog

I plan on making this a “Prepare for the Adventure” blog, one based on finding God’s joy in the midst of preparing for the adventure of life in marriage or remarriage, parenting and grandparenting, writing, and even the many transitions of life. I hope you like it.

On Twitter, I want to provide my followers with conversation starters and date-night suggestions—all kinds of ideas for helping you to better connect with your loved one. And on my Facebook Author page, I plan to share scriptures, quotes, and other thoughts on the joy of marriage, parenting, grandparents—and life!

I hope you are blessed by each one of them, and I hope to hear from you.

For me, each birthday seems to be a transition time. This year, I’m choosing to make a change of my own and overcome my “techno-phobia”—to accomplish all I have here mentioned, and much more. My sweet husband even bought me an Apple IPad, so now I really feel fashionably “high tech” (at least until some new—something—dawns on the market). Hopefully, I won’t crave every new gadget and become a girl geek! Smiles.

How about you? What kinds of transitions, changes, or adjustments have you made on a recent birthday? I’d love to hear more.

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