A Month to Remember

What a month this has been! It began with a doctor casually telling me that I had tumors in my liver and problems with my pancreas! And then he added that I have a “spot” on my lung.

Throughout the month of testing and appointments, poking and prodding, wondering and praying, I finally found out that, though I do have six or more tumors (one the size of a tangerine) as well as one on my lung, all are benign, none are cancerous, and I’m good to go!

But the kicker is that I have a really rare condition called Pancreas Divism. Apparently, less than 10 percent of the population ever has this, but in the womb the pancreas is divided into two lobes. As a baby develops, the two parts of the liver connect and fuse into one. Mine never did. In essence, I have two pancreas. And now you know something new!

Yet through it all, what I am most grateful for is that the Lord kept me in perfect peace. He faithfully kept His promise—from Isaiah 26:3—that He would keep me in perfect peace if only I would keep my mind steadfast and trusting in Him! And He did!

What a promise! What precious truth!

What about you? When have you seen Him keep you in perfect peace? I’d love to know.

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