How does it look through your eyes?

The viewpoints of a man and a woman are usually very, very different. Add to that personalities and life experiences that shape those viewpoints, and there’s potential of conflict, to say the least. Then add to that, kids and their viewpoints, and it can get pretty dicey.

Looking at how the other sees things can help you understand him or her better. Does she resent something you do because her father does it? Does he get upset when you do remind him of someone who hurt him?

Taking a higher view of things can often help you figure things out, but if you can get to the root of things, you’ll understand your spouse—or fiancé—better and be able to deal with the situation—I recently had to do that, and it wasn’t pretty. How does it look through their eyes?

When you think you know what’s going on, talk about it together. Can he change that behavior? Can she justify what she does so that it no longer bothers you? And is it, really, something to get upset about in the first place?

Once all that is clarified yet nothing changes, realize that we’re all imperfect people, and we’re going to mess up sometimes. Ask the Lord to give you love, patience, and more as you continue to work through these communication challenges.

When was the last time you saw through another person’s eyes in a new and different way and found joy in learning a little more about the one you love? What did you learn? I’d love to know.

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