Easter Joy

Reagan and Grandmum

“He is risen!”

“He is risen, indeed,” I hear you say.

Just days after the annual Easter celebration, my heart still rings with the songs of worship and joy, and my mind still ponders the reality of what happened two millennia ago. Again I am reminded that the resurrection was a really big deal!

It’s all too easy to take the resurrection for granted, to give a nod of the head but not really comprehend all that it means. And I’m not sure we ever fully understand the all-consuming depth of His love and sacrifice that we just celebrated. But I want to!

I do understand that it changed everything. It changed the way we view our lives, our marriages, our parenting, and even our writing and other every day activities. It changes the way we respond to the changes and transitions of life, which without Christ’s help, could easily send us into tailspins. It changes the way we see everything, if we let it.

When we know that Christ is truly the Savior of the world—and of our souls—that He really, actually, historically died—and then He really, actually, historically rose again—we begin to see life through eternity. We no longer have to stress and stain to find our purpose and our destiny, because our purpose is to please God and our destiny is heaven.

Simple. Stress-less. Sweet!

These are my thoughts on the resurrection. What is your take-away from this Easter, 2012? I’d love to hear!

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