Preparing for the Adventure

What kinds of adventures do you enjoy? There always seems to be a little bit more than we plan when we prepare for any adventure, whether it’s a camping trip, a vacation, or a new sport or hobby. Yet the truth is, preparing for life-altering events like marriage, having children, a move, or a job […]

Our Book Baby

This nine-month thing is a blessing and a curse! When I had my two beautiful babies so many years ago, waiting for nine months had its good points as well as its challenges. It was good that I didn’t pop out a baby bump in a week, and it was helpful to be able to […]

The Precious Gift of Nature

Chipmunks scurrying around my feet. The wind blowing in the pine trees. The campfire crackling and burning brightly. A hawk diving for its prey. The sights and sounds of nature. It’s energizing. It’s inspiring. It’s peaceful. They are nature’s gifts. As I write, my husband and I are enjoying a camping trip in Durango, visiting […]

Childhood Wonder

We adults have a thing or two to learn from the 2-foot-high bunch. We are way too “wonder challenged” for our own good. To overcome this handicap, spending time with little ones is definitely a wise thing to do. They give us a new perspective on life, and not just of feet and knees. I […]

My Favorite (Summertime) Things

Hummingbirds, rainbows, flowers, sunshine, big bright moons, fresh cut grass, boating on the river, swimming in a lake, the smell of rain, the taste of ice cream—these are a few of my favorite (summer) things. I’ll spare you from breaking out in song. For me, summer is magical. I look forward to each day with […]