Adventure in the In-Law Journey

In-laws often get a bad rap, and some deservedly so. Some in-laws are way too involved in their adult children’s lives. Some make rude comments or give unwanted opinions. Some reject the son or daughter-in-law outright and create a family rift. Some see only the weaknesses of their adult child’s spouse and treat them with […]

A Life Lived Well

We recently celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday with a big party, a week at a cottage on the St. Lawrence River, and many hours of laughter and reminiscing. She is an example of a life lived well. It hasn’t been an easy life for her. She grew up as a poor farm girl where the […]

“I Will Be Here”

Every anniversary, we watch our wedding video, enjoy a journey through our photos, and listen to our wedding music. Corny, I know, but it reminds us of the blessing that day, and every day since, is for us. The song below was one of those wedding songs. It speaks of always being there for the […]

Our Primary Purpose

Yesterday Dale and I celebrated our anniversary with a drive into the mountains and a nice meal. We reminisced about the years we’ve spent together, and we recognized that we are extra grateful for God’s hand in our lives. We laughed and shared the precious memories of our wedding, our honeymoon, and the days and […]